My Readers' Top 5 Favorite Pizzas (hee, hee)

Pizza makes most people very, very happy, especially my sons.  I could drop the worst news on them, such as Caillou being banned forever from TV, and they would fall apart.  In the next second, a quick mention of pizza for dinner would totally dry their tears and possibly have them doing a couple of backflips in a row.  There is something about the all-in-one meal that brings a smile to faces of young and old alike.  People are passionate about their pizza.  My dad, for example, loves the kind of pizza you can get from the Food Court at the mall.   He brings this up often when we are all together and decide to order pizza. 
"But, Dad," I say, "we can't order the pizza from the mall for dinner". 
"Well, I know, but that's my favorite kind.  I wonder why you can't order pizza like they make at the mall.  That is the best pizza.  I've always loved that pizza. Remember that pizza place at San Jacinto Mall back in the '80s?  They made that pizza just right.  I miss that pizza.  You just can't find pizza like that anywhere.  For one thing, they just gave you huge slices.  They also put just the right amount of cheese on it.   They never drowned the thing in sauce, either.  The pepperonis were always cooked perfectly. I always looked forward to getting a slice of that pizza.  Their crust wasn't too thin, wasn't too thick and just was so..."

Let me stop him right there.  We need to talk about the kind of pizza you are passionate about.  Are you a thin crust lover?  Do you wish all Canadian Bacon would join hands and jump into a volcano?  Do you show-off and eat the banana pepper they sometimes serve with your pie?  Do you wish people would stop referring to pizza as pie?

After taking a good, long, hard look at the readers of this blog and performing very fancy calculations based on lots of very fancy facts and whatnot, I am confident I have narrowed down YOUR Top 5 Favorite Pizzas.  I am certain you will agree with me on these, but please DO take a look and let me know if I should fire my statistics/data/really-good-with-computers guy.

#1:  Corn Dog & Cheese

You gonna eat that stick?  No?  Can I have it?

#2: Fried Egg & Yard Leaves

Uhhh, Barb?  I'm afraid we weren't supposed to eat those leaves from the small tree in our front yar... *grabs throat and falls

#3: Pizza with McDonald's Toppings

Eat this slice of heaven en route to the
hospital, youknowwhati'msayin?

#4: The Japanese Pizza

Yeah, waiter, I've changed my mind.  How about that hibachi guy come out and chop me up some teriyaki shrimp? Thatwouldbegreathanks. 

#5: Will & Kate + 8 Pizza Toppings

Can we act like it's snowing on their royal faces &
get some mozzarella up in hurrrrr?

You all really surprised me.  I always took you as straight Pepperoni Pizza lovers before.

Today's Juice In The City Deal
*this is for Houston, but you will see in my right column a deal for your area
If you live in the Houston/Sugarland area, you will want to forget all the pizzas you see above and try DOUBLE DAVE'S PIZZAWORKS (as if you haven't already)!  Every time I think of Double Dave's, I think of college towns like Austin and, yes, even College Station where it actually began.  When I saw a Double Dave's here in Houston, I was so excited.  Their pizza is very, very good, but they are equally famous for their "peproni rollz".  YUM!  You can eat from their buffet, which includes salad, or you can order a pizza of your very own.  Although they have locations all over town, today's deal is for the Sugar Land locationYou can get $15 worth of pizza for only $7.  Limit 2 per customer.  Go here to get your pizza fix!