It's Tea Party Time (without Sarah Palin!)

Well, hello, so good to see you!  I'm so glad I stopped back by the Break Room before heading back over to Cate's place, "Real Life With Kids".  She doesn't have Coke over there, so I just quickly came back to get one.  Can I get you one, too?  It's on me!  Don't tell anyone I gave you one for free. **Tries her best to give you a real, menacing look** Anyway, Cate asked me a few questions as part of the "Tea Party Tuesdays" that she is kicking off TODAY and I'm heading back over there to answer them right now. I would LOVE for you join us, take a look around Cate's site and let us know you were there by saying a quick hello...and having some tea!  Just push this button below to open up the car door: