Name That Job #1

 Inside the blogsophere, we are known by our blog names, our Twitter handles and our latest post.  Outside of it, we are known for completely different reasons.  You may be known as the lady on the street who locks herself out of her house or whose three-year-old son rides on his bike commando (maybe that's just me?).  Maybe you ride your bike commando.  Maybe you are the commando-in-chief of a large corporation.  You see where I am taking this?  There is a lot about each other we don't know.  Shouldn't we know absolutely everything possible there is to know about each other?  The purpose of this game is to discover more about who YOU are when you step away from the computer screen.  Earlier this week, I asked for guinea pigs for my new game & was so excited when these ladies stepped up.  We will play "Name That Job!" today and Monday.  
HOW TO PLAY: Guess which one of the four choices describes the contestant's current or former job/profession based on what you know about them (if anything) or what you can guess based on their picture alone.  Jot your answers down somewhere and then check your answers with the key at the very bottom.  Let us know how you did!!  Also, if you click on the contestant's blog title/Twitter name, it will take you to their area of the web.  Go visit!

#1 JILLSMO from Yeah. Good Times.

A) Part of the film crew for "Sit & Be Fit"

B) Shelf stocker at Bed, Bath & Beyond

C) Professional sign language interpreter

D) Artist

#2 SUZ from Suz Rocks
*Suz will soon become a nurse anesthetist (congratulations!),
but her past job was more exciting for this post.

A)  Golden Gloves Boxing Champion

B)  Clown trainer

C) Perfume spritzer at Bloomingdale's

D) Seller of knock-off purses on the streets

#3 CHARLOTTE from @charliAllen

A) Jewelry Maker

B) Professional Dog Walker

C) Uranium Miner

D) Paralegal

#4 NOTA from Nota Supermom

A) Accountant specializing in corporate financial reporting

B) Accountant specializing in TPS reports

C)  Math Teacher

D) Toll Booth Operator

#5 MOLLY from Life With The Campbells

A) Professional diamond thief

B) Dances with The Stars instructor

C) English Teacher

D) Surgeon

#6 Jessica from Four Plus An Angel

A) Director of an Autism Center

B) Director of a cruise ship

C) Director of an Alzheimer's Center & Nursing Home

D)  Interior designer

#7 SHERRI from Old Tweener

A) Employed as a CPA

B) Worked for TSA

C) Manager of a YMCA

D) Maker of raspberry berets

#8 JODEE from Handflapping

A) Martini glass maker

B) Rogaine inventor

C) Waterpark manager

D) Rollerskate instructor

#9 SHANNON from Jesus and My Orange Juice

A) Designer of topiaries

B) An actuary

C) Tooth fairy

D) Professor at a seminary

#10 LADY ESTROGEN from Adventures in Estrogen

 A) Midget Wrestler Referee

B) Online Creative Director

C) Dairy Queen Assistant Manager

D) Professional Dog Walker

#10 RACHEL from Neato Vito

A) North Carolina Tarheels Mascot

B) Drummer for a local band

C) Optometrist

D) Photographer

#11 WENDI from Wendi Aarons

A) Network Television Negotiator, Walt Disney Pictures

B) Network Television Negotiator, BET

C) Ventriloquist

D) Professional bowler and owner of exquisite shoes and a rolling bag for her swirly pink ball

Do you think you guessed them all correctly??  Check out the answer key below & let us know how you did.   Also I would love it if you would use the hashtag #namethatjob on Twitter tomorrow if this post comes up in any of your conversations.  Lastly, If you would like to be featured in "Name That Job!" in the weeks ahead, please either let me know in the comments below or send me in an e-mail at**

Thanks for playing!!!
(Come back on Monday for Part 2!)

ANSWER KEY: 1B, 2A, 3D, 4A, 5C, 6A, 7A, 8C, 9B, 10D, 11A