The Fresh Grinch of My Lair (with Will Smith!)

Christine with A Write Life and Nadine with Musings...By The Light of the Moon hosted a month of posts to honor motherhood.  After they see what I've created below, they'll wish they would have passed over me, I'm sure....
The Fresh Grinch Of My **Lair
*sung to the tune of the theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (find it here)
**a lair is a resting place of a wild animal.  My 3 and 6 y/o boys are often like wild animals.

(intro music)

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down
and I'd like to take minute, just sit right there,
I'll tell you all how I became The Fresh Grinch of My Lair.

Near an east Houston washateria I was born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out  with M. Jackson relaxin' all cool
And watching some baseball outside right after school
When much later on a really great guy
Who I thought looked really good & had the prettiest blue eyes
Made me want to leave my dear ol' family's hood
To follow this guy who I knew was really good
It happened one memorable night when I told my Mom & Dad to prepare
I said I'm getting married and then movin' with Chris to our house with an upstairs!!

Wasn't long before I begged and I pleaded with Chris day after day
To let us have a baby or two of our own to raise
A few short years later,  I'm constantly telling my two boys just to "QUIT IT!"
And, for GOODNESS SAKES, take the balls outside if they wanna kick it!

Now I'm not saying that my children are bad
They are just active boys who, God help 'em, act a lot like their dad
I constantly wonder, "Am I doing this right?  What are other homes like?"
Will my boys remember mostly good stuff & end up being alright?

 I'm really really not fab and sometimes a pain in the rear
and want a license plate that says FRESH and has dice in the mirror
That's why I pray my boys realize the love that is there
Even though I can be impatient & act like the Fresh Grinch of My Lair.

I...go...up to the boys' rooms about 7 or 8
And sometimes yell, "It's time to go to sleep!  You better not be up much later!"
Then walk back down to my bedroom
So thankful to finally be there
And ask God to forgive me for being
The Fresh Grinch of My Lair.


The "hop" continues tomorrow (Wednesday) with a motherhood-inspired post written by National Mom.  Click here on Wednesday, June 1st, to read it!