Top 10 Ways Raising Kids Is Like AMERICAN IDOL

Although I am now a fanatic of The Voice and wish Adam Levine was my next door neighbor (I'd just ask to borrow an egg every now and then.  I'm a married woman after all!), I still have a place in my heart for American Idol.  Recently when watching the show and wondering how Scotty was still on it, several different ways in which that show was like raising kids came to my mind.  My list was then created and passed on to my friend, Stephanie, over at Southern Momentum, a fun website I have been writing for over the past year. 
On Southern Momentum, "you will find a unique blend of witty, realistic approaches to life and a dedication to sharing stories and short-cuts that shed light and laughs on surviving Motherhood and what it means to hit your stride. Throw in some Hollywood gossip, product favorites, and a few dirty little secrets and there you have it … a yummy, 100% guilt-free recipe for what it means to be a Mom and still be YOU."

To take a really quick trip to North Carolina to read the "Top 10 Ways Raising Kids Is Like Being On American Idol", click HERE.