Top Chef

You guys, before season 10's Top Chef Seattle, I had never watched the show. I may have watched parts of it, but not all of it. Now, I'm hooked. I have Bravo to thank. They contacted me in the fall to see if I would like to be a part of a team of bloggers who review the shows via blog posts, tweets, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't get the memo until the show had been on for a few weeks. That is why you won't see reviews from me starting from the beginning. Too bad for me, because it has been so much fun watching and writing about the shows! I have learned a lot, too. The shows are both educational and funny. Since I'm not a food blogger, I try to touch on more of the funny side of things when I write my posts. If you aren't a Top Chef fan, you might after reading a few of these posts and watching it yourself.  Love it!

I have divided this page into two parts.

The first section includes reviews of each show. These are not exact play-by-play recaps. I just touch on highlights of the show.

The second section are just extras for those of you who love Top Chef. I will include in this section short, bite-sized posts that will include fun information I have learned from watching Top Chef, a contest, fun information you may not know and the like. I will be adding to this section many times daily, so please check back periodically for fun Top Chef stuff!



TOP CHEF-INSPIRED POSTS FOR THE SUPER FANS (or, at least the mildly interested...):

*I am a Bravo-sponsored blogger. All opinions are my own.*