Captcha Balderdash: Put Your Game Face On!

Do you have a game face?  If so, put it on.  It's Captcha Balderdash time, people.  In an effort to recruit more people, maybe even celebrities, to play our fun game, which showcases the winner on this blog, on my blog's Facebook page and via my Twitter account, I began looking for celebrities who likely  make really awesome game faces.  I based this judgment on the pictures I below.  None of them have called me back...yet.

Hahahahaha!!!!!!!  These really crack me up.  So glad those big movie stars take bad pictures, too.  Seriously, though, celebrities, schmelebrities.  None of those guys can make nearly as a great a face as KLZ from Taming Insanity, the winner of last month's Captcha Balderdash and the judge of this round:

So, get your Captcha word by entering a symbol into your comment box and pressing enter, then take that word and either make a definition for it or use it in a sentence.  The contest will end tomorrow (Thursday) at 5:00 p.m. and KLZ will pick her favorite.  The winner will be in the spotlight on Friday.

The game begins....NOW!!