Who Stuffs YOUR Stocking??

Oh, I know you're probably not reading any blogs today.  You, like me, probably have to get your house ready for Santa and whatnot.  If by chance you ARE around and reading this blog today (hugs!), then please grab a Coke and make your way over to "The Scoop on Poop" to read my guest post- "Who Stuffs YOUR Stocking?" by clicking HERE.  The Drama Mama, the writer behind the poopy (but GREAT!) blog, asked me to write a stockings-themed post, so I did what I was told.  Do you mind picking up a Coke and bringing it with you?  I would love to have one.  She doesn't have any vending machines over there.  Just poop. Thanks and...Merry Christmas!!!!!!

It's "Better Off Dead"week at my blog apparently.