The Secret Life of Hermit Crabs

Apparently, there are hermit crabs that come out of their shells, like these crabs on the left at the CRABBY FAMILY REUNION last year.  They decided to have the reunion at the beach, which I think was a fantastic idea.  Can you see Hermit, Abby, Flabby, Gabby and Stabby?!? They're the ones who started The Clinic for Hermit Crabs with Social Anxiety Disorder (TCHCWSAD). Because of their wisdom and relentless research, a few high twos were able to be exchanged between the cousins, aunts and uncles at the reunion.  The progress in the treatment of hermit crab anxiety also explains the pincher-shaking going on in this picture, which is absolutely a giant LEAP for crabbykind, as you might guess. 

BUT, this story isn't
about those crabs...


I KNEW they were partying it up (the third crab is passed out behind these two yahoos, by the way) when we weren't looking and quickly stashing everything, including themselves, inside their shells when we were!  Such pranksters!! 

This discovery really makes me want
to rock my baby doll.  I'll be back.