Break Room News & my Thanksgiving Rap


Do you like my new room?  Did you notice that the labels and comments section is now at the BOTTOM of the post?  Now, it's still quite new, so I haven't organized everything in the cabinets yet.  If you open any of those cabinet doors at the top of the Break Room (contact, blog awards, Captcha Balderdash, etc.) all you are going to find is a MESS!  I have GOT to get in here this weekend and clean this place up!  I'm just glad to have the cabinet space.  The Break Room was FOREVER in this one little area.  I begged and begged my manager to allow some more funds into the Break Room for a makeover and he finally said yes!  Yahoooooo!!!  So, thanks to Shay Bocks from Dumplin Design Studio, we can stretch out in here a little better.  If you are ever in need of web design, blog design, business cards, etc., Shay is your lady.  She is so efficient, so good and so NICE!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shay!

SIDENOTE: Since Shay was busy with her hammer and nails in here, the Break Room was not open most of yesterday.  I'm so sorry if you were really craving a Coke and couldn't get to the dadgum machine!  For the few that were able to stop and actually read my post "I'm giving up the BLOG and starting a BOG" from Wednesday afternoon, well, I'm so glad you're back.  I knew that piece was risky and tad bit scary.  It was one of those post ideas that kept pestering me, kind of like that manatee number, so I thought I might as well let the idea finally see some light.  I'm still in the bog business, so DO give me a call if I can be assistance to you.  Mwuhahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

That's a reeeeal fancy Luby's. Picture from
 Cleverly's Houston Restaurant Blog.
On to other business: my Ms. Luby's-Cafeteria-Worker-and-Food-Scooper post.  I wrote this ditty to the tune of "Real Men of Genius" on Monday.  PEOPLE, that was my most shared post on Facebook ever.  People were sharing it that worked at Luby's, that knew someone that worked at Luby's, that wished they were named Luby and who just liked it, I guess.  Somehow the post came across the desk of the Regional Marketing Manager of yummy, warm, healthy-for-you-for-the-most-part-cafeteria/restaurant chain.  She wrote me a really nice e-mail and is sending me a Luby's gift card and a cookbook.  I am so excited!  And I just can't hide it!  I'm about to lose control...  Oh, sorry.  Blame Gerald Ford (a.k.a., The Pointer Brother from my bog post).  I DO like me some Luby's, so I am really looking forward to that package. 

As a thank you gift, I'd like to go ahead & send this to you
now.  Send me your address when you get a chance (wink, wink).

One other thing about that post, I mentioned a really odd item that the waitress-lady had on her cart (little snakes dipped in honey and then rolled in pecans) in addition to her water, tea, sugar, napkins, etc.  I said that anybody who read that part was SURELY reading the whole post and was entitled to all of my diamonds when I kick the bucket and sink down to the bottom of the bog.  I know you all have lots of blogs to read and that I can be verbose, so I expect people will scan the material.  I just impulsively threw in that snake bit and thought I'd throw a few diamonds to the people who caught it!  These are the people/blogs that YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY VISIT and that will be dripping with diamonds, I tell you...DRIPPING:

Heidi (she doesn't have a blog...yet!)
*FabuLeslie from Give Me Paws actually said she wanted the snakes dipped in agave nectar and rolled in sliced almonds.  I'll see what I can do, FabuLeslie.  I'll see what I can do!  Geez Louise...


The last item of business: my guest post.  You may remember that I wrote a Thanksgiving rap as part of Gigi's Thanksgiving Table feature over at Kludgy Mom I posted a link to the free, fun, full-of-recipes e-book in a post prior to Thanksgiving.  Because Gigi had so many great posts for her book and since all of those posts were being featured on her blog, there were more posts than days before Thanksgiving.  So, my time is now, people.  Now.  If you are interested in seeing how I transformed Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" into a Thanksgiving ditty, you'll want to click here.