Winners...and losers (of pants)

Come on in to the Break Room.  Grab yourself a Coke.  I've also stocked some Diet Dr. Peppers in there for you all anti-loads-and-loads-and-loads-and-loads...and-loads-of-sugar people.  Get comfortable and please listen up.  Last week we played Captcha Balderdash (see the link above) and I wanted to let you know which definitions received the most votes.  All of the definitions were truly funny, witty and creative.  Thank you all for playing and thanks to those who voted for their favorites!!

In FIRST place is...

The BLOG O' CHEESE for his definition of FUNGISCRATCH, which, of course, is:
"The infected wound a wife receives on her leg after her husband rolls over in bed in the middle of the night and scratches her with his nasty, overgrown toenails."

Tied for SECOND place is...

THE NON-REVIEW for his definition of DERLABLE, which is obviously:
"A German's soup spoon. In a sentence: 'I vent to make ze soup but I dropped derlable under der table.'"
DAYS for her definition of UTERAREA which, as everyone knows, is:
"Technical term for the general area of stomach flab where the uterus has expanded and contracted and expanded and contracted which no longer looks like it did before pregnancy. Accentuated by "mom jeans." Synonym: Front Butt."

The Blog O' Cheese is not new around here.  Cheeseboy once wrote a funny guest post for me (click to read it here) and is a frequent visitor of the Break Room.  Many of you probably read his blog, but, if you don't, you should!  All of his posts are creative and fun trips through his crazy imagination.  The Non-Review, written by T. S. Hendrick, is a really new blog for me.  I am so glad I found it!  He has entertaining and interesting topics and information on his blog that I know you will like as much as I do.  Lastly, Roxane writes Days and is just a fun and hilarious person.  Her blog always makes me laugh out loud.  So, do yourself a favor and stalk these people! 

But, before you go on your way, memorize each and every detail of this picture below and never forget it.  It is sure to bring you joy even in your darkest moments because, well, that lady is just wearing her polky-dotted pantehs and shirt...and maybe a Unit over the panties (anyone remember Units?).  I know there are a lot of GREAT "People of Wal-Mart" pictures out there and that this one is fairly simple.   Still, it makes me giggle every time.  Also, I feel bad about calling her a "loser" in the title.  I'm sure she is a winner at life, but, we-yell, SHE AIN'T WEARIN' NO PANTS, A SKIRT, A KILT, KNICKER OR CAPRIS- NUTHIN'!!  If Wal-Mart abided by the no shirts, no shoes, no service, well, that girl wouldn't be able to buy her Marlboros.  I bet she walked outta there with her Marlboros.

Don't you know her? HOLD OWN...eesn't thatchew wiffer?  WHY didjew you let her walk in there lahk thay-yat??