Today, we salute you...Ms. Santa's-Workshop-in-the-Mall-Photo-Taker

It's that time of the month again where we salute an underappreciated lady of the workforce.  In the navigation bar above titled "Today, we salute you..." you will find the ladies who have been featured as part of this series in the past.  This month we are turning our eyes upon the lady who takes pictures of the sweet (and not-so-sweet) children on Santa's lap in malls all across the land.  The idea to put this hard-working lady in the spotlight came from my personal friend, Jami ,who writes the honest and fun blog, "The Miller Big Top Circus".  On my blog's Facebook page, I asked which woman should be featured next as a part of this "Real Men of Genius"-esque song series and Jami suggested this unsung hero.  Thanks for the suggestion, Jami!  I couldn't have agreed with you more...

Kelley's Break Room presents...
"Unappreciated Ladies of Industry"

(Unappreciated Ladies of Induuuuusstreeee-eeee!!!)

Today we salute, YOU, Ms. Santa's-Workshop-in-the-Mall-Photo-Taker.

(Ms. Santa's-Workshop-in-the-Mall-Photo-Taker!!!!!!!)

You hit snooze...for the 13th time...because, frankly, you aren't looking forward to a day at the mall with fat & fake Santa...and allllllllllllllll of those kids and their high maintenance, tight-wad parents.  So, you sloooooooooooowly put on your blasted elf costume because you know if you wore what you REALLY wanted (your jeggings and your Uggs), Santa would most certainly give you the stink-eye.

(I think Santa's aboooo-oooout to hiiiii-iiiit me!!)

Since you just witnessed fresh-from-the-local-Denny's-BOB JENKINS, who has been growing out his beard all year for this gig, waddling into the mall's dressing room in his navy blue coveralls and John Deere hat and emerging as "Santa Claus" on your way into the mall this morning, your motivation to encourage children to rattle off their Christmas lists slides riiiiiiiiiiiight into the crapper. 


You do your best to plaster a smile across your face as you help Santa settle into his huge wooden throne while eyeing the six-mile-long-line that snakes around large potted plants, between huge kiosks with vultures trying to sell nail buffers, hair straighteners and smoke-free cigarettes and right past Auntie Anne's Pretzels filled with crying children.  Children that sound like newborn pterodactyls hatching from their eggs or perhaps like kids all with diapers made out of a combination of steel wool and crushed glass.  CHILDREN THAT YOU HAVE TO MAKE SMILE.  But, you're up for the challenge with your WONKA-WONKA clown horn because you know that smiles means more money from picture sales...and more money toward that iPad you've been salivating over at the Apple Store.


So, crack open a new set of photo package brochures, Ms. Paparazzi of the Mall, and know that you're the REAL reason we end up buying any pictures at all of our screaming children. 

Ms. Santa's-Workshop-in-the-Mall-Photo-Taker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!