I brake for birds

Although you make think this is me talking to you right now, it is actually a pre-recorded version of me.  The real "me" is over at Modern Bird Studios (click on that word to get to the interview) being interviewed right niz-ow.  Modern Bird Studios creates amazing art from personal photographs.  Click HERE to see some of their amazing work.  I love it!  Also, it would be great if you headed over there and sat in the audience during my interview.  Would you mind?  Seeing some familiar faces out there smiling, giving me a big thumbs up, clapping loudly at random moments, blowing a vuvuzela every now and then, shooting Roman Candles between each question, shouting "GIMME A HIGH FIVE!!" here and there and/or holding a sign that says "I brake for the Break Room" would really help my beads-of-sweat-on-the-forehead level decrease. 

I don't want your stop here in the Break Room to be without any entertainment, however.  So, I added the pictures of ducks with afros.  I absolutely cannot stand to see ducks this way.  It makes my stomach a bit queasy.  But, as we've discussed, a queasy stomach is not a huge deal for me because it means I can indulge in Pepto Bismol. 

This last one is not a duck.