What's lamesauce anyway?

Today I am guest posting over at The Lame Sauce, so quit opening the closets, cabinets and closed doors because I'm not here!  The Lame Sauce features lots of witty stories about his life as a dad that I think you will find fun and entertaining to read.  I would absolutely love it if you made your way over to The Lame Sauce's funny blog by clicking HERE and gave me a ride home after you were finished reading.  Would you mind?  Be honest!  Chris (my husband) and I are sharing a car right now.  Our 1999 Nissan Altima with 234,000+ finally went to car heaven last week.  I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the FUMEral.  We would have loved to have seen you.  I leave you with a picture of our old friend (well, it's his twin, alright?) that I bought after graduating from college in 1997, getting married in 1999 and having our first child in 2004.  You will live in our hearts forever, Altie!