Captcha Balderdash #2 Wrap-up

Last week I posted a sequel to the original "Captcha Balderdash" game which I had started the week before that.   The first round cracked me up, no doubt, but...this one, y'all...hold on, give me a minute.  Aaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!  I LOVED all of them!!  Seriously!  I wanted to do split leaps, a back flip and shake my tambourine like a salt shaker all at the same time after reading them!  Actually, I did and, hence, the reason I am writing this to you from the emergency room.  (NURSE!  Can you refill my pitcher...with Big RedShawty, youda youda best!  The best I ever had!)  But let's get back to business...  You people are funnyI feel so honored that people with such wit and humor visit my blog and leave comments.  I truly do!  I want to hug your neck (it's a Southern thang my family likes to say).  I said I was going to pick the TOP 5 funniest, but this is truly so hard because I honestly laughed at them all!  I want you all to enjoy them like I did, so I've decided to post each one.  And I know some of you are going to be totally annoyed with me, but I tweaked some of the definitions only because I know some young eyes are reading.  If you want the full scoop, check out the definitions in the comments section of my last post, a'ight?

If these make you smile, click on the author's name and read more of their funny stuff...

Wrmvotlink by Sue with "The Desperate Housemommy": (n. wurm-VOHT-link)- The little-known Russian spacecraft of 1965 of diminuitive proportions whose crew was composed entirely of earthworms, with the exception of the night crawler captain and co-captain. Hopes were initially high for the wee craft; However, after lifting off and hurtling through the cosmos at a frightening rate of speed, the vessel veered violently and crash-landed into a Ukranian compost pile. Though not found in any history book, the ill-fated flight of the Wrmvotlnk is the stuff of which Eastern folklore is made.

Cheor by Laurenne with "Humans are Funny": pronounced che-OR. influenced by a young Che Guevara, cheor is the title for that one child in a chorus who is completely out of tune. He is an outsider, often stands alone, and quite frequently has urination stains on his pants. The other students tolerate him only after strict disciplining from the chorus director. synonyms include: loser, fart face, geekwad, smellyhead, and pooperscooper

Wedliv by W.C.C. with "Pajama Monoblogs": In 2003 when Steven Tyler learned that his daughter was about to marry somebody with a name like 'ROYSTON', he immediately launched a worldwide campaign to find someone - anyone - with a macho name to take his daughter's hand. The media popularized the term 'Wedliv' to commemorate this effort. Sadly, not only did Liv marry Royston, but in an unfortunate dating accident with the ultra-macho, but one-track minded, 'Terminator',the thing literally took Liv's hand. Steven Tyler never forgave himself and continued to weather and turn gaunt, dried and drawn to his current 'dehydrated-apple' complexion today. Sad but true story. W.C.C.

Younwach by my high school friend, Joy: As little Bobby Joe was at the breakfast table with his father, Otis, he over heard Otis tell his wife that he was going down to castrate a hog as soon as he finished eatin'. Bobby Joe looked intriqued..his father looked over at him and said "If you hurry up, YOUNWACH and see what it's all about.

Lephot by Corianda with "Phrase Phase": This French colloquialism translates into English exactly as: A super hot leper that women cannot help but throw themselves at, regardless of the undeniable fact they have leprosy, a disgusting, infectious disease which affects the skin and mucous membranes. Mucous.

Ifinglby "The Peachy": Commonly used as an acroynum it stands for - " If Faking It's Not Good Lemmeknow." See also " let me know when your done" or " blue, blue, we should paint the ceiling blue". However when used by properly but drunken rednecks ( like there is any other kind), it is the response heard when someone shouts, "Dangit JimmyJo, the coolers empty whose going to the store for more pabst blue ribbon".. BobbyJo would respond, "shut up your whining TammyAnn, ilfingl" ( pronounced - owl goal, english translation, I will go)

Hoffburglumps by The Cheeseboy with "The Blog O' Cheese": The mess that is left on the floor after a shirtless, David Hasselhoff binge drinking/burger eating session.

Suebb Efi by Lori with "LexLociLori": an exotic swedish massage/enema combo. illegal in the U.S

Forthy by Melissa E. with "In the Short Rows": how old one is when they are somewhere between the ages of 40 and 50, often used by those who don't wish to reveal their true age.

Prono by Ana with "Pin to Konai!": An alternate variation of Pronto for those particularly averse to Plosives (eg. t, p etc), not to mention spitting (or being spit upon as a direct result of emphatic Plosive pronunciation).

Chilipil by Elizabeth with "The Saadeh Circus": Before Evita (okay, Madonna) stepped out onto her balcony to sing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," her maid asked her if she wanted the snake skin heels because they went better with her neutral gown. Evita turned and said, "Take a CHILIPIL, Dahling! My people need me now!"

Pylasty by Lisa (my sister!) with "Social-o-logy: Invitations & Design": Well, what in Pylasty's name are you doin' here?? 'Dem kids done left already!

Dingr by Jess S. with "Mal-diction": (n. DEEN GRRR) those dang bells that go off when you walk in or out of a dressing room. This word doesn't even get to have two vowels because those dang things are so annoying.

Labeg by my friend & co-worker, Jodi: a homeless French guy

Lactate Mammogram by Nancy with "If Evolution Works": All she wrote: "No lie."

Thanks for sharing your wit with us!