Captcha Balderdash

I am absolutely obsessed with word games like Boggle and Scrabble.  I can only find a handful of people that like to tear it up on Boggle.  I am always on the prowl.  As far as Scrabble goes, I have been playing against my dad for more than 20 years!  We aim to make each other feel worthless and cry uncontrollably during every game.  He'd say I cry the most but it's really the opposite (Dad, where are you?).  So, when I was visiting "Striking Keys" the other day and saw that she created a game based on the word verification system for comments she called Captcha Balderdash, I was hooked.  Captcha is a system that basically ensures that a real person is interacting with a website instead of a spammer or another computer (I know I defined that poorly...).  For those not familiar with Balderdash, it is a game where three people make up a definition to a real (but hardly known) word.  These definitions are read aloud along with the REAL definition and everyone must decide which of the choices is the actual meaning of the word.   I have decided to bring the game over to the Breakroom, my friends. 

Wanna play? If you do, I will immediately begin clearing a large space for lots of split leaps and backflips no matter where I am- meat market, hog farm, chicken coop, movie theater, elevator, etc.  After I have split leaped my face off, I will plan to post the TOP 5 FUNNIEST DEFINITIONS (and their authors, even if you are anonymous!) on this hee-yer blog in the next couple of days.  Give me lots to choose from, would ye?

Directions:  Go down to the comment section, hit any key, click to submit your comment and then you will see your strange word to define.  Tell us what it is and then make up a definition and/or use it in a sentence.  The more that play this game the better!  Play more than once if you want.  I'll be thinking of some kind of prize on my end for the best definition... Hmmm... 

Here are mine:


Ever since I let my neighbor borrow sugar and floss, she's called to borrow eggs, matches, shoes, toothbrushes, clothes, our car...  She even broke in the other day to borrow our TV!  I am not going to say anything just yet, but I have a feeling she's reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly ILKILIT!

Would you just look at that child?  He is being SONADY!  He just poured milk out of his sippy cup allllllll onto the table after emptying a whole canister of Ovaltine onto the floor.  Parents do NOT have control of their children these days!  What was that?  He's mine?!  Well, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD, get over here, son!  Quit emburrrrsin' me, little may-yun!

PLAUS stop asking me to play Star Wars, dude.  After "you are not my father" and "oh, no, my haaaaaaaaaand!!!", I flat run out of things for Luke Skywalker to say.  Can I be Chewbacca and just groan?  PLAUS?  Pretty PLAUS?  [Sometimes when he really insists that I continue to play well after my Star Wars dialogue bank is empty, my "guys" will say things like "What's for dinner?", "You really need to clean your room" or "Have you tried out the Sham Wow?" My son just keeps playing.]

Why don't you buy me flowers, write poetry for me, massage my shoulders, laugh hysterically at all of my jokes, write songs about our love, clip my fingernails, send me sweet text messages or shower me with gifts??  It's our second date.  Did our first date not go well?  What have I done?  Is it because UNILUMVI or something?!?  Waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

EESSELAT of people that shop for cheap furniture at IKEA.  If they don't pick up the pace in this claustrophobic rat maze of balsa wood and cubicles, I'm going to have to start launching Swedish meatballs!  Nu flytta den!!  ("Now move it!!' in Swedish) 


*Image of lady milking the cow is via Flicker: Nationaal Archief.

*The meatballs are from