Pepto-Bismol shake anyone?

Okay, my primary motivation for this blog is to share my precious little dudes with family and (paid) friends, so I will share things about them first. After that, please feel free to move on because I cannot promise you any of my "random" posts will be edifying for you in any way. You will think that you knew me as a coherent, nice enough mother of two and will realize you were wrong (we have a third one in the attic). You have been warned.

Where to start? Well, there is no use going backward and letting you know how many times the nurses brought my youngest son in from the nursery into our room the day he was born, so I will just begin with now going forward. I think all I will share with you today are the names and ages of my little guys...and maybe a bit more. My oldest son is 5 and youngest son is 20 months. Today we went to Garden Ridge and bought Little Dude a matching basketball bean bag to Older Dude's gargantuan and bright orange basketball bean bag chair. This has provided them with endless entertainment today. Well, it wasn't endless because they are now sleeping. We ate at Burger King afterwards. I definitely think it should be changed to Burger Jester or some lower position on the royal totem pole. McDonald's should change their name to King McDonald's. I know both will send you to an early grave, but...McDonald's is definitely the way I'd choose to get there if I had but those two choices. I think one of the main reasons I was ticked off at that King is that they took away the outside playground that had the Hamburglar you could crawl into (back in the 80's) and replaced it with various pipes and slides that easily accept Older Dude but stick their tongue out at Little Dude. The poor thing had to find entertainment just sitting in the mouth of the slide. He tried to climb up the slide to spice things up a bit, but either two smelly socks came straight for his face or he slid back down after just progressing a few inches. This empathy for his situation is all mostly selfish on my part. Since he's not being entertained in the pretend suspended cockpit (that's missing the steering wheel, I'm sure), I have to constantly remind him that he can't sit in the mouth of the slide. Sigh... The streses of life, right?

I said in my blog description (that small paragraph to the left) that it was a guarantee that you'd run across the word Pepto-Bismol in this blog. I decided to make sure of it. I absolutely LOVE the taste of Pepto-Bismol, don't you? Couldn't you just take a few tablespoons of it, mix it with some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla & be in heaven? Ahhh... The thought of it. That is the one reason I don't mind getting a stomachache here and there. Imagine my complete disgust when I went the Chris-road (my husband) and bought the generic brand at Target. I was trying to save $.03 for the betterment of my family I cherish so deeply and bought the generic brand. The generic brand will not steer you wrong when it comes to plastic bags for sandwiches, but it will dump you into a steamin' pile of dog poo when it comes to Pepto-Bismol. They probably called it Pooptoo-Bismoo. No, that's Walgreens that tries to match the brand closely on their generic products. Waldryl. BOY, you ain't foolin' me! This isn't Benadryl! Keep movin'! Walaminic. Walenol. Waldvil. Actually, the only one I've heard of is "Waldryl". But, back to Pepto-Bismol...the generic one just doesn't taste the same. The first taste of this just sent me into a spiral of despair...but, I'm back and will survive. We still have that bottle of pink liquid because I will take one for the team and finish it off...eventually. My plan is to alternate between pizza, McDonald's, chicken fried steaks and La Madeleine's Tomato Basil soup (don't be fooled!) over the next few days so I can finish that bottle off and get to the good stuff. Do I need an intervention?