Name That Job #4

Below you will find people you know and some people you don't.  Either way, what you will discover is sure to make you smile.   If you would like to be included in this little summer game, let me know.


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#1: JOANN with Laundry Hurts My Feelings

A) Sign holder for a "If You Sell Your Gold Anywhere Else You'll Lose Money" company
B) Tire rotator & oil changer at National Tire & Battery
C) Hostess for a hunting club where she had to flirt with lots of men to influence them to spend money at auctions
D) Owner of a haunted house that operates every September & October

#2: NATALIE with Mommy of a Monster

A) Matchmaker at a high-end dating agency
B) Tanning salon owner (she HATED wiping down those stinkin' beds!)
C) Choreographer for high school drill teams & cheerleading squads (she can still do the splits!)
D) Door-to-door vacuum salesperson

#3: TARJA from The Flying Chalupa

Which one is NOT true??
A) Emcee for a comedy show
B) Publishing house saleswoman who schmoozed with John McCain, Bill Clinton & Jane Fonda
C) Director of a children's theater summer camp (famous for their raucous rendition of "The Three Amigos").
D) Straightener saleswoman at a mall kiosk

#4: ANN from Ann's Rants

Which one is NOT true?
A) Wrote in a real journal all day as a temp in Chicago (and wasted 2 perfectly good blog years!)
B) Worked as a PA on "Relic Hunter" and had to massage Tia Carrere's cuticles
C) Nearly missed being the "spokesbeast" for Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
D) Got paid to sit near Bruce, Demi, Rumer & Scout at the Four Seasons Hotel pool

#5: SHELL from Things I Can't Say

Which one is NOT true?
A) Worked at a dog walking/grooming company called "The Dogg Pound" in college
B) Cheerleading coach
C)Target cashier
D) Teacher (3rd, 5th, 6th AND 8th!)

#6: CARY & DIANE from Quirk Out

Which one is TRUE about Cary (left)?
A) Worked in the department responsible for finding odd talent (like, dancing dogs or something) on "The David Letterman Show"
B) Worked in the Research Department for "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
Which one is TRUE about Diane (right)?
C) Director of PR for a local news station
D) Body builder

#7: SUZAN from The Suniverse

A) Sign holder for a road construction crew
B) Cocktail waitress at a Country & Western bar in Santa Fe
C) Beeper sales woman
D) Seamstress specializing in all sorts of really sweet pillows, like the one picture on the left

#8: LAZARUS from The LG Report

(Mr. Arm here helped with the creation of these choices. Gotta
give the dude credit when it's due. Ha!)
A) Commercial insurance consultant for Fortune 1000 companies
B) Interned in the summer of 2010 managing Congressman Anthony Weiner's Twitter account
C) Spent 2 years as custodian/stylist of Donald Trump's toupee collection
D) Custodian responsible for cleaning out Kelley's Break Room's fridge every Friday at 6 p.m.

#9: ALEX from Late Enough

A) Cashier at a local luncheonette (she couldn't handle being a waitress)
B)  Dental hygienist (worked with multiple celebrities, including Steve Martin & that "bearded lady" guy on "The Wedding Singer")
C) Residential counselor at a group home (had to thank a 12-year-old girl for not beating her up)
D) Both A & C

Which one is NOT true?
A) Barista at Starbucks
B) Registered Nurse on an Addictions & Mental Health Unit
C) Cocktail waitress (danced on top of the bars!)
D) Alternated between ferris wheel operator & weight/age guesser at an amusement park

ANSWER KEY: 1C, 2A, 3D, 4B, 5A, 6B & C, 7B, 8A, 9D, 10D

How did you do??