My Revised Post & Apology About Speaking Spanish

Jennifer Lopez as Selena in the movie
of the same name.  LOVED IT!
Hello, blogosphere.   Earlier today I wrote a post that was to ultimately encourage you to check out the latest Juice In The City's deal for a week-long daycamp designed to teach children to learn Spanish down here in Houston.  You can see the link to that day camp at the bottom of this post.   This post didn't quite come off right.  It offended some people.  I never want to be someone who offends anyone.  I love people!  I would give you a hug if you were beside me right now!

Anyway, I thought I deleted the post, but apparently nothing gets deleted in Google Reader.  So the purpose of this post is to replace that post still floating around RSS Feedville.  I have deleted all of the content that was hurtful to some and left a picture of Jennifer Lopez as Selena, because that is one of my favorite movies.  I was truly impressed that Selena didn't speak Spanish until she was a teenager and went on to be world famous singing songs in Spanish!

The deal was this: I made light of instances where it would have helped if I had known how to speak Spanish, such as when I went to order a cake and no one spoke English in the bakery.  Let's just say my Spanish didn't quite cut it and there was a tractor on the cake where there should have been a guy playing golf.

I can see why my post would have offended some, as, looking back, I was making stereotypical references.  The references were situations that I have actually been in recently, but that doesn't matter.  It wasn't sensitive on my part. 

Let me just make it clear: I don't care if you speak only Spanish, only English or are bilingual.  Everyone has different life circumstances and it is not my place to say you should speak one language or another.  I do like that some at least speak English, so that you can read this blog. :)

I have received some angry messages, tweets, etc. from people that have decided to unfollow for this post.  From deep down, please know that I never, ever meant to hurt anyone.  Three of my bridesmaids know Spanish.  My best friend since 4th grade speaks Spanish, as does her husband.  We are actually going on vacation in a few weeks to visit them in Arizona.  One of my best friends in college is fluent in Spanish, majored in Spanish and works in a prestigious position translating to Spanish speakers.  I LOVE trying to speak Spanish and interacting with people of all cultures.

Shame on me for offending you.

I leave you with a few pictures that I included in the post, just to make it somewhat worth your while for stopping by...

Me raising the flag at Pancho's Mexican restaurant,
one of my favorite past times.

When I think of Pancho's, I think of the 80's.  We always ate there.  I don't think
much has changed at this Pancho's since the 80's. 
We had orange and green walls in our house in 1979.

That dessert stand makes me think of Three's Company. 
Where's Jack, Janet & Crissy?


For Houston

Learning Spanish is such a wonderful thing to do!  Teaching your children to speak Spanish is even more awesome.  For $87, you can have a FULL week of a half-day Spanish daycamp in the Katy area.  If you live close, I would soooooo snag that deal.  Go HERE to get it!!