Raising Boys

I have three things to share with you.

(I'll be super quick. I know you've got to get to the dollar store for gift wrap.)

The first?

We are not doing "Finding the Funny" this week or next. I know. Crazy. Anna and I have been co-hosting it non-stop for many, many weeks. We love it and will keep it going, but are taking a break until January 2nd. Last week, TONS of links were added as a special Holiday Edition of "Finding the Funny". You can go here to read some of that funny schtuff.

The second?

This link: LINK.

It's about this:

And it will take you, like, really fast to my post over at NickMom called The ABCs of Raising Boys. If you have boys or happen to know any at all, this graphic will make sense to you. It has been shared over 400 times on Facebook and over 300 on Pinterest. (Disclaimer: I just came up with the words, not the cool graphic.) Thanks to all who read/share! I'm naming my next kid after you!

The third?

A picture of my dad:

(No, that is not Tom Selleck.)
(Or Dr. Phil.)

When I think about raising boys, I think of my dad.

He was a boy.

And he turned out awesome.

My dad is such a caring person and takes great care of his mom and his great aunt. When I had boys, I thought that meant I would be on my own as I got older. Women are the nurturers, right? Seeing my dad in action makes me realize boys can be nurturing, too. So, although having a little girl would be fun (I really want to buy someone those American Girl dolls, y'all), I love having my boys. To be honest, I'm just grateful I have any little squirts. I never thought I would have any at all.

Back to that picture of my dad...  If you ever wonder where I get the off-the-wall things I say sometimes, it's definitely from this guy. He retired from a large oil refinery a few years ago. We live in Houston, you know. Former home of the Oilers. Anyway, my  mom asked him to get this hanging plant from the back of their SUV and walk it over to me one evening after we met up for dinner and he said,

"I've retired and, look, I'm still a plant worker."

Let that sink in.

Most of the time I groan and give him a look that says his joke was even too cheesy for my taste, but I laughed out loud at this one and the sight of him with that plant in his hand. What's even better is that he agreed to stand there and smile while holding the flowers just so I could remember that moment.

Love that dude.

That's it. Just those three things.

So glad you stopped by. Tell your family I said hello.