Finding the Funny #46

So happy you have stopped by Finding the Funny! I hope this means you have a funny post you want to share. Or read. Actually, both. If you are new to this whole deal, here's the deal on the deal. You find a post you have written recently or in the past that is funny and link it up using the tool below. Just remember to put the name of your post in the spot where it says "name" and not your name name.

(The only exception to this rule is if you have been named after a Cabbage Patch Kid. We talked about Cabbage Patch Kids on the Kelley's Break Room's Facebook page yesterday. I. CRACKED. UP. AT. THE. NAMES. Some of my favorites? Merleane Agatha, Linus Donnie, Ingrid Teena, Lars Mervin, Donald Clive, Esther Phyllis and Bartholomew Rudy. If you have one of those names, please put that in the name slot.)

And, guess what?

We have a...

Special Edition of Finding the Funny Next Week!

We're hosting a special HOLIDAY edition of Finding the Funny next week, so get ready! A few things you'll need to know:
  • Link up an old or new post, as many posts as you want - but they MUST be holiday related (Need some inspiration? Because My Life Is Fascinating has some writing prompts for you. They're not required, but they might get your creative juices flowing.)
  • There will be images! That's right - we're getting fancy for the holidays - so be sure you have a picture with your post or on your blog that will appear in the link-up.
And the best part? Anna and I are teaming up with 12 more bloggers to host next week's party. That means that no matter where you link up, your post will appear on 14 blogs - which means way more traffic for you! The party will start at 5 am ET next Wednesday, December 12, so get ready!

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