Name That Job #10 (includes a holiday giveaway!)

Ever wonder what a blogger is like in his or her real life? I know I sometimes get curious about what a blogger does when they're not blogging. Or what they did before blogging.

That's what Name That Job is all about. It's a chance for me to be nosey and share the scoop I get about a blogger's former life with others. Think Dirty Jobs, except not all of the jobs are dirty and there is no Mike Rowe.

Hosting Name That Job also provides me (and, hopefully, you) a chance to be highly entertained. You can see the bloggers that have been featured so far under the "Special Features" tab. Lots of them have given us the low down on what they used to do for pay. You will be shocked by some of them...

Name That Job is an every-other-week thang. If you are interested in being a part of an upcoming game, or if you would like to provide the "prize" in the form of a giveaway, please contact me at or via the "Contact Me" form in the navigation bar.

Bob, are you ready?

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Let's get this party started...

#1 Terra from Terra Talking


Which one is NOT true?
  1. Held a sign that said "Get your $5 pizza here hot and fresh!" on street corners for Domino's pizza
  2. Drove a delivery truck for a casket company and delivered caskets to funeral homes
  3. Administration assistant for a contruction company that was also a financial investment company, a consulting company and a non-profit organization (ahem, maybe their real business was money laundering?)
  4. Guess-your-age-and-weight lady at an amusement park
Bio: I wake up almost every day going "Who are all these kids and why are they screaming?" I'm "Mom" to four very loud, but very awesome, little girls, ranging in age from 4 years old to 10 years old. I started blogging 8 years ago as a way to document the crazy things they did, said and am oh so glad I did. Being able to connect with other moms who are going through similar crazy days has helped keep me sane! (Well, kind of.) My husband and I have been married for 15 years. Each and every one of those years has been an adventure in and of itself with three cross country moves, 4 kids and a menagerie of pets, as well as the general chaos that comes with having our youngest daughter trying to live in the hospital more than home. She has a metabolic mitochondrial disorder that presents a lot of challenges mentally and physically- but all of that has only served to pull our family closer together, even if we are all a little crazy!
Favorite post: YOU WILL BE OK
Networking: Find Terra on Facebook & Twitter here and here.

Which one is NOT true?
  1. Church secretary
  2. QA Inspector at an animal research lab
  3. Contest promoter at a yarn store
  4. Turkey leg roaster at a grocery store parking lot carnival
Bio: Kate is a SAH(Homeschooling)M of three kids, all adopted from China. When not wiping poop off the walls, she blogs about her past crushes, naked Barbie dolls, things she's good at, things she sucks at, and racists. She enjoys reading(!), writing, vegetable gardening, and vermiculture (worm-farming). She doesn't enjoy flying on airplanes with her kids. Ever.

Networking: Find Kate on Facebook & Twitter here and here.

#3 Jennifer from Another Jennifer

Which one IS true?

  1. Locksmith (She helped Lil' Wayne after he locked himself out of his car)
  2. Florist (Her favorite flower is the white carnation!)
  3. Ice sculptor with a specialization in linked hearts
  4. She was a hotdogger for Oscar Mayer right after she graduated college. They actually recruited at Syracuse University. She was surprised to have cut the mustard, as there were over 1,000 applicants and only 30 chosen. She drove the Wienermobile around the country for a summer auditioning kids to be in their next commercial. She had to sing the wiener jingle on camera as part of the interview process! (She really relished this time in her life.)
Bio: Jennifer Barbour is a blogger, copywriter, news media consultant and speaker. The wife of an accountant and mom to two boys and three dogs, her aim is to entertain, to inspire and to make you think, though not necessarily all at once. Her motto is: be bold. be heard. give back. eat bacon. You can find her at
Favorite Post: An Open Letter To Socks
Networking: Find Jennifer on Facebook & Twitter here and here.

#4 Sue from Wub Boo Mommy

 Which one is NOT true?

  1. Paramedic
  2. Celery cutter. She had to cut celery to be exactly 12 inches, as it was a law in the UK that all celery sold had to be 12 inches. She discovered during this job that she had a life threatening allergy to celery!
  3. Both #1 and #2
  4. Elf on the Shelf stuffer

Bio: Mum of two living in New Zealand blogging about stuff, things and whatnot.
Networking: Find Sue on Facebook & Twitter here and here.


Which one is NOT true?
  1. Skyline Chili's Waitress
  2. Elderly Companion
  3. School Pictures Photographer
  4. Team leader for a highly acclaimed cup stacking group (her picture can be found on the home page for the World Sport Stacking Association!)
Bio: I am The UnCoordinated Mommy. No really, I am. I sometimes "appear" to have it together. But don't let that fool you! I don't. I think I am Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde when it comes to my coordination. I either am super mom and can juggle a billion things and still have my makeup on, hair done and children dressed to perfection, which happens like twice a year. Or, more commonly, I am the mom in the carpool line with no makeup on and a greasy ponytail, dropping off her kid, late, with an egg salad sandwich and fruit pouch from Starbucks for lunch! At least I always bring kid tupperware and a lunchbox to put it in. So I don't "look" like that mom. ;) I'm always looking for ways to make me more coordinated, or appear so, and love to share what I find! Also please check out my About Me page!
Favorite Post: A Week In My Life- Day 2
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***Answer Key: The answer to every single one of them is D!***

Crazy jobs these ladies have had, right?

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