Name That Job #7

It's time for another round of "Name That Job"!

We first played this game during the summer of 2011. I started it back up last week when we got some fun scoop on some awesome bloggers. Today I am excited to present to you seven  more really great ladies who write blogs that you will definitely want to check out. You may read many of them already!

It's really easy to play. You just guess which job from the list you think that blogger may have had. No need to get nervous. If you need extra help, get my attention or ask for Bob. He can be retrieved from backstage. I stuck him back there so I could use his microphone. He's either working a crossword puzzle or tap dancing, so just yell "Bob! BOB!!!!" if you need him.

Oh! The person who guesses the most right was going to be able to pick from a free Camry, a trip to Hawaii or a refrigerator, but it turns out that all three were stolen by those tall girls who prance around on the stage. I'm so sorry about that. Bob doesn't really review their criminal histories too closely.

Good luck!

#1 Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft

A) Armpit smeller in a deodorant making factory

B) Worked for Mattel as a Barbie dress designer

C) Family counselor that worked specifically with meth addicts

D) Worked at a wig store (she has 10 really expensive ones of her own)

#2 Kim from Let Me Start By Saying

A) She was a carnie when she was 19 (and is now an expert dart thrower)

B) Grocery store cashier

C) Helen Henney, the dancing and singing chicken from Chuck E. Cheese

D) Skate guard (the employee that skates backwards really fast at the skating rink and organizes the crowd during "The Hokey Pokey")

#3 Allison from Motherhood, WTF?

Which one is NOT true?

A) Model scout

B) Collections agent

C) Taught kids how to play the cowbell

D) Outdoor sports guide

#4 Anna from My Life and Kids

Which one is NOT true?

A) Sandwich artist at Subway

B) Professional gift wrapper

C) Mime in Times Square (every time someone put money in her can, she would move slightly)

D) Tennis pro at a country club

#5 Keesha from Mom's New Stage

A) Dentist (she once filled a cavity for Gary Busey!)

B) Egg collector at a chicken farm

C) Dance teacher

D) Artist (she specialized in painting pictures of elbows and ear lobes)

#6 JD Bailey from Honest Mom

A) Fiddler in a country western band (she hopes to teach her kids how to play the fiddle or the yukele at some point)

B) BINGO official (she'd call out the numbers into a microphone)

C) Cook at a summer camp in a kitchen with NO a/c and 90 degree temps outside

D) Butcher's helper at The Piggly Wiggly

#7 Ilana from Mommy Shorts     

Which one is NOT true?

A) Created TV commercials for OREO

B) Freelance creative director in advertising

C) Magician's assistant (she was once trapped in a box for over an h

D) Clothes folder for GAP (she was fired before she was moved up to cashier)

ANSWER KEY: All of the answers are C!

If you would like to be a part of a future round of this game, contact me via the "contact me" link up above. DON'T CONTACT BOB!