Name That Job #8 (with prizes!)

Bloggers and tweeters. You think you know them sort of by what you read on their blogs or in their Twitter streams. You like to tell yourself that if you happen to run into one of them while looking for the match for a shoe in the Target shoe aisle, you'd recognize them right away. And you'd be friends in real life.

This could be true.

This could happen.

(Not the part about finding the matching shoe at Target. That shoe has left town.)

But, do you really know them?

Of course not.

That's why I came up with "Name That Job" and transform into Bobbie Barker for you. I like being nosey and finding out more about bloggers I have loved reading for a long time and brand new ones, too.

In the past, I have featured 8-10 bloggers each game, which you can find here. This is lots of fun, of course, but the spotlight isn't as big with that many awesome people in a post. So, I have narrowed it down to 5 each game.

Take a good, long look at the person's photo in the TV, then try to answer the multiple choice questions on the right. If you need some extra help, take a look at their bio and favorite post. Maybe that will help?

#1 Christina from Linnell Media Group 

Which one is NOT true?

A) Pet sitter

B) Telemarketer

C) Tennis instructor

D) Executive assistant to Olivia Newton-John's stylist

BIO: Christina Linnell is an entrepreneur & speaker. She formed her company, Linnell Media Group in 2011. After teaching herself how to create & promote her own blogs and web sites she subsequently became an active member of social media. She believes that the beauty of social media is in the relationships; being able to connect, share ideas & inspire companies or people that you would offline never have the opportunity to meet.

Christina loves to teach and consult with businesses. Her expertise is in social media consulting, brand promotion, Facebook & Twitter marketing as well as a whole other host of services. She considers herself a social media aficionado and loves to keep her brain fresh with new and inspiring ideas.

Since Linnell Media is a woman-owned, sole proprietorship, she’s able to offer her customers a personal touch and cares about the brands & clients she represents
FAVORITE POST: Time Management Tips for the Small Business Owner
NETWORKING: Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#2 Mel from According to Mags

Which one is NOT true?

A) Gas dock attendant for fancy yachts

B) Beer wench at a golf course (she drove the beer cart)

C) Janitor at a large warehouse

D) Choreographer for a junior college's synchronized swimming team

BIO: Mel writes a blog called According To Mags that explores the silly antics and hilarious things her own kids say. She also writes and produces an original children’s story podcast with her husband called Night Light Stories. She is the mom of a sweet seven-year-old boy and a spunky four (and a half)-year-old girl. She is a special education teacher by trade and looks forward to a good run and piece of chocolate at the end of the day.
FAVORITE POST:  The 80 Movies I Haven't Seen From The 80's
NETWORKING:Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#3 Heather from Minivan Momma

Which one is NOT true?

A) Waitress at a BBQ joint in college where she would accidentally stick her fingers into customer's drinks

B) Hobby Lobby employee (she charged her purchases against her check and sometimes had to pay to work there)

C) Magazine subscription caller (would call to let people know their subscription was about to expire and try to convince them to re-subscribe. SHE ONCE HAD TO CALL AMY FISHER AND GOT CUSSED OUT BY HER IRATE PARENTS)

D) Shepherd

BIO: Heather Davis has a finely-tuned snarky side which she uses on a daily basis to save her sanity. She is married to a very patient husband, and together they have two very entertaining daughters. She appeared in the NWArkansas Listen To Your Mother show in 2012, where she talked about her leopard-print thong. Oversharing My Life, a collection of humorous essays, is her debut book due to release in April 2013. She and her family live in Bartlesville, OK, where she chronicles her life at Yes, she does drive a minivan. Really. She does.
NETWORKING: Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#4 Katy from Katy in a Corner

A) Part of a improv comedy team

B) Hibachi chef (she knows how to make the steaming onion train!)

C) Ear piercer at Claire's Boutique

D) A motivational speaker (sometimes referred to as "Tonya Robbins")

BIO:  Katy Morgan started her blog Katy in a Corner as a way to compile all the evidence her kids will need when they pursue therapy as adults. Her blog is also a place where other not-so-perfect mothers can laugh with and relate to her challenges as a new mom. If you're into cloth diapering, vegan eating, or free range parenting, Katy's site will most likely make you want to claw out your retinas. 
Katy is blessed to be married to her high school sweetheart who is an Air Force pilot. Together they have two children, a toddler boy and a baby girl. Their life as a military family is an exciting one. In seven years of marriage, they have moved eight times. Katy is incredibly adept at ripping through packing tape with her teeth.
FAVORITE POST: Dear 16-year-old Me (and favorite v-long How-to Tuesday: How To Be The Perfect Wife)
NETWORKING: Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#5 Janine from Janine's Confessions of a Mommyholic

Which one is NOT true?

A) Middle School Math Teacher

B) Editorial Assistant for a publishing company

C) Cashier at Blockbuster Video

D) Fireworks stand cashier (she is obsessed with bang snaps & sparklers)

BIO: So who is Janine? Well Janine was a certified professional teacher, who now happens to be a wife and mother, who is currently a stay at home mom to her two beautiful, yet energetic little girls. Sometimes life can get crazy and hectic, but still she tries to keep things in perspective by doing all she can to make the day hopefully a little brighter. 
However, when all else fails, Janine goes to her happy place (in her mind) or the Sandals Resort in the Bahamas (circa July 2006–honeymoon style). She envisions herself in the swim up pools with her glass never empty containing a lovely little umbrella and some tropical concoction. Hey, a girl can dream!!
FAVORITE POST: The Nightmare Was Over and It Takes A Village

NETWORKING: Find Janine on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

ANSWER KEY: D! They're all D!

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