Name That Job #9 (with prizes!)

I like being nosey sometimes. Why do you think I buy Us and sent my husband the latest Living Social deal for a year subscription to Us? Yep. I like to know what is going on in people's lives. I like to get the scoop. That is why I came up with this little game of "Name That Job". I get to learn more about bloggers that I have read for a long time and brand new ones, too. Plus, you get to know more about them and, if you are one of the featured bloggers, people get to know about you, too. Win-win, my frien'! You can see our last game here and past games can be found under the "Special Features" tab in the navigation bar.

Remember, with all of these game questions, you will be selecting the job that blogger did NOT have. Three of the four items are jobs that blogger actually had. Also, to make it more fun, there is a prize for one of you lucky people!

A year subscription to Us, of course.


I'm assuming if you are somewhat nosey, you'll like this gift. If it's something you are not interested in, maybe you'd like to give it to someone else. Surely you know someone nosey. Surely, Shirley.

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#1 Leanne from Leanne Shirtliffe~Ironic Mom

Which one is NOT true?

A) A teacher for the past 18 years

B) Big Bird's feather fluffer (she had hopes for a permanent job on Sesame Street but had a fall-out with Elmo)

C) Prep cook at golf course (frying 10-20 lbs of bacon a day - hello, acne!)

D) Truck driver (drove 3 & 5 ton grain trucks for her parents' farm)

BIO: Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) is a humor writer whose motto is “If you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids.” She blogs for HuffPo and writes for She is the author of DON’T LICK THE MINIVAN: Things I Never Thought I’d Say To My Kids (Skyhorse, May 2013). When she's not telling her eight-year-old twins to stop clobbering each other, she teaches teens who are slightly less hormonal than she is.
FAVORITE POST: The Worst Toys of 2012: The Skankification Award
NETWORKING: Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#2 Stephanie from Momma Be Thy Name

Which one is NOT true?

A) Worked seasonally at a class ring manufacturer (where she cut open her thumb and probably bled profusely!)making wax names to go into the rings

B) Assistant on MC Hammer's MC Hammer Pants Sewing Crew (one Christmas she made MC Hammer pants for every one in her family- a total of 53 pants!)

C) Fry vat girl at McDonald's for 3 weeks until she dropped a tray of food down a flight of stairs and was so embarrassed that she quit her job there

D) Gift wrap girl at JC Penney

BIO: Stephanie is a former behavioral health professional turned stay-at-home mom to three toddlers. Stephanie writes about her glamorous life, and life in general, at Momma Be Thy Name, airs her dirty laundry on Facebook, and tweets frequent complaints about reality television and her children's sleep habits on Twitter. She tries her best. That's all anyone can ask for. Come on by and join her, because, after all, misery loves company.
NETWORKING:Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#3  Kari from A Grace Full Life (her two daughters have the middle name "Grace")

Which one is NOT true?

A) Post Partum Doula

B) Exterminator (her work vehicle was a hearse that said "The Bug Reaper")

C) Manager for Kohl's

D) McDonald's employee

BIO:  I am a stay at home mom, wife, blogger of over 2 years and I love wine. (She said "That's pretty much it.")
NETWORKING: Find her on Facebook and Twitter here and here.

#4 Angie from Random Epiphanies of an Imperfectionist

Which one is NOT true? 

A) "Designated Operator" (a.k.a, Gas Station Inspector) that traveled all over So Cal every month just to crawl under pumps and into tanks to make sure they were up to code and not leaking;

B) Professional gong hitter for her local orchestra (she still uses the gong to let her kids know it's bedtime)

C) An "almost" travel agent for the Walt Disney Travel Company

D) Has helped run her dad's electrical business since she was 15-years-old

BIO: Angie is a 30-year-old Christian, wife, mom of 5 (2 noncustodial, 3 at home) and a homeschooler (and a homeschool graduate!). She likes to think of herself as a crafter/seamstress, extremely random, silly, caring, praying, etc... woman living in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. She has been blogging off and on for years, most recently at Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven. She also blogs over at Random Epiphanies of  an Imperfectionist. Her life is far from boring! She loves retro/vintage decor and fashion, Disney, Rick Rolls, reading & Mexican food.
FAVORITE POST: Remember That Time I Got Stuck In An Elevator Door?
NETWORKING: Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven on FB & Twitter and Random Epiphanies of an Imperfectionist on FB & Twitter

#5 Kate from The Everyday Adventures of Super Kate

Which one is NOT true?

A) Deli clerk (and she doesn't even like lunchmeat, cheese, or seafood)

B) Sherpa (she worked with the local sherpas of Tibet to get winded American mountaineers up the side of Mount Everest, which she has climbed 3 times and once without shoes or chapstick)

C) Child care worker at a group home

D) Special education teacher

BIO: Kate is a mother of 3 boys. When she isn’t (doing one of those jobs up there) or parenting teenagers (and one 9 year old who acts like a teenager), she chronicles her misadventures in running, biking and racing on the SuperKate blog ( Never one to pass up a ridiculous challenge, she eases her recovery with large doses of margaritas and sarcasm.
FAVORITE POST: She said: LBL Challenge 24-Hour Adventure Race (Part 1)

NETWORKING: Find Kate on Facebook here.

ANSWER KEY: They're all B! Every single one of 'em!

Pretty interesting people, right? So glad you stopped by to get to know these fine ladies a little more. Below you will see more opportunities to both get to know them better AND have a chance to win a year subscription to Us. Thanks for stopping by!

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