Finding the Funny #45

I'm changing things up.

From now on, I will put up the "Finding the Funny" post by 5 a.m. on Wednesday mornings. It will be a post that looks just like this one, except it won't have sentences like "It will be a post just like this one" because that wouldn't make any sense. It will be all about "Finding the Funny". I won't interject any other of my viewpoints and whatnot and this or that.

Later on in the day, if I'm feeling it, I will put up a regular post.  I know you really don't care about that part (but what if it's about what not to do when buying deodorant?). The important part here is that you won't have to sift through my stuff to get to the meat of this post: the link-up.

For you newcomers, know that your links show up here and over at My Life and Kids.

We welcome new posts or old posts, but we just ask that they be humorous and be your own, of course.

Also, put the name of your post in the "name" section of the linky tool. Don't put "Bill Smith" in that box. People will pass right over a "Bill Smith" or even a "Madison Stone". No personal names there, homies.

Lastly, I want you to know that this week my plan is to read every single one of the posts and share a few. I would love to do that every week, but I'm a loser.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your funny gold here!

Sharing Favorites!

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