The most awesome family-themed costume ever. (And it's "Finding the Funny" time, too!)

(The picture of the most awesome family-themed costume ever is at the end of this post. It's worth your time.)

Are you a part of a family that dresses up together in a theme at Halloween? My family never dressed up in a theme when I was growing up. The only thing I remember my dad doing as far as dressing up in a costume was getting a perm in the 80's. I know that's not really a costume, but I wanted to throw that in about the perm. My sister and I seldom even matched in our costumes. I remember I was Raggedy Ann one year and she was a mouse. Another year, I was a punk rocker and she was Mary Lou Retton. Truth is, I was a punk rocker most years. Scary stuff right there.

With my own kids, they seem to be dressing up in a theme so far- Mario and Luigi, firefighters, etc. My own family dressed up in a theme ONE time.


I've got those Princess Leia side buns rockin', if you were wondering who I was supposed to be. Gah.
Pretty sad we couldn't get a picture all together, right? We got one, but it was taken by Disney. It's packed up somewhere. I am pretty sure we had to give our platelets, all of our cash and as many coins as we could grab out of a nearby fountain to pay for it, too. We went to Disney World for my oldest son's 5th birthday at Halloween time, so we did the Star Wars thing. The Ewok stayed home because he was just a little dude. Poor thing.

I don't know if we'll do a theme ever again. It was a lot of fun, but I'm not sure I can convince my husband to get into a theme costume down the road. I sure know he wouldn't do it just to walk around the neighborhood with the kids to collect candy. He did the Darth Vader thing for Disney World because, well, Disney World.

Maybe I could convince my husband to reuse his costume again and go as this guy:

I doubt it, though. It's not a family-themed costume, anyway.

Former neighbors of mine, however, do it up right at Halloween. They are not shy about getting into a theme costume. It cracks me up! I asked her if she would mind me sharing her family's costumes. I am not sure if they will be in a theme this year, but I will definitely check her Facebook page tomorrow and update this post if I see them matchy matchy.

Check 'em out:

This isn't even at Halloween. These fun people even dress in a theme to go to the Renaissance Festival. The only thing my husband does at the Renaissance Festival is say things like, "Can you believe that swing ride is $20??"

Got a little animal theme going on here. I know dogs aren't usually in the forest with the gorillas and leopards (Or is she a cheetah?? This is so stressful!), but still...they're all animals. Total theme going on there.

It's about to get better real fast.

Hold on to your horses, people.

BEES. They are a family of BEES. They are all shamelessly dressed like bees. That's so awesome, right? The only way I could get my husband to dress like a bee is if I.... Actually, there's nothing, absolutely nothing I could do. (Disregard the girl in disguise. She's a rogue neighbor and not a part of the bee family.) What you can't see in this picture is the dog, which, yes, IS ALSO DRESSED LIKE A BEE.

My very, very favorite of all, however, has GOT to be their tribute to the Hundred Acre Woods. Check. This. Out.
BAM! That theme can't be beat. That is GOOD STUFF.

Does your family dress in a theme? I would love to know! Even better, I would love to see. Feel free to post your family themed costumes to my Facebook fan page here.
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