8 Ways I Am Exactly Like Jessica Simpson

#1 Both us carry really big bags. Mine just happen to be under my eyelids.

#2 Weight Watchers. I joined once. Okay, twice. I may have joined three times. I know about points. Jessica knows about points. There you go.

#3 An orange $9,000+ Hermes Birkin bag was given to both of us as a birthday present this year, except when I say "Hermes Birkin bag", I mean it for Jessica and I don't for me. (I mean some stuff from Bath & Body Works for me.)



#5 We both have two hands AND two feet.

#6 She famously asked "Is this chicken or is this tuna?" about a can of Chicken of the Sea and I asked the same question, only I asked it about my meal at KFC.

#7 If we hear the word "baby weight" and "lose" in the same sentence one more time, we are going to remove *our super, super, super high/expensive heels, go all Daniel Caruso on the person who said it and crane kick them in the nose.  (*Jessica will actually be the only one wearing heels. I will be wearing the flat shoes I bought last week at Target.)

#8  Jessica can't name one of my big hit songs and I can't name one of hers.

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