Name That Job #6

Welcome to another round of Name That Job! Now, it's been a while since we last played (June 2011!!), so you may be wondering what I am talking about. Name That Job is where I transform into Bobbie Barker and you guess the job or jobs some awesome bloggers have had in their past lives and, in some cases, jobs they have now. Many bloggers have played in the past. It was a fun time! Not sure why I stopped doing it, but I am assuming it had something to do with me trying to learn how to juggle hamsters. Anyway, Name That Job allows us to get to know some fun bloggers better and also allows me to make up stuff them that makes me laugh as I type it out. The answers to this little multiple choice test are at the bottom of this post. If you'd like to get to know these bloggers even better, just click on their blog names. I know they'd love to see your faces!

#1 Toulouse from Toulouse and Tonic

Which one is NOT true?

A) Backstage help at Star Search (she is still close to Ed McMahon's family)

B) VIP cocktail waitress (where she wore a raunchy looking pirates costume)

C) Olive Garden waitress

D) Managed the band, The Ugli Stick

#2 Kim from The Fordeville Diaries

A) Kitchen help at Holy Mackerel Seafood House (she was an expert shrimp deveiner and peeler!)

B) The only female member of a mariachi band that traveled to restaurants, birthday parties and quinceaneras

C) Tap dance teacher (she still puts on tap dance shows for nursing homes during the holidays)

D) Bank teller (she got held up once, but was able to jump over the counter, put the guy in a headlock and confiscate the gun before the police arrived)

#3 Paige from There's More Where That Came From

Which one is NOT true?

A) Electronic "smokeless" cigarettes salesperson at a mall kiosk where she "smoked" all day while harrassing shoppers to give it a try

B) Insurance underwriter

C) Cashier at a grocery store

D) Historical interpreter at her local history museum where she dressed up in a costume and everything

#4 Stephanie from Binkies and Briefcases

A) Toy library owner

B) Balloon animal maker (she went from table to table at busy restaurants where she made about a gazillion balloon poodles)

C) Target security guard where she would monitor the parking lot on a Segway

D) Professional bull rider

#5 Wendy from Wendy Nielsen: Writing A New Story

A) Grocery store bagger

B) Sign language interpreter for a local news station where you'd see her moving her hands at the corner of the screen

C) Belly dancer at the Moroccan restaurant at Epcot Center

D) Piano teacher (her dream is to play alongside Justin Timberlake one day)

#6 Meredith from The Mom of the Year

 Which one is NOT true?

A) Club bouncer

B) "Sterilize" forks by running them under hot water (that's it) at the restaurant, Friendly's

C) Cleaned up pee on kiddie rides with kitty litter at an amusement park

D) Tied oboe reeds together for her music teacher before they were shipped off

#7 Robyn from Hollow Tree Ventures

Which one is NOT true?

A) Palm reader (she once read Shania Twain's palm!)

B) Financial officer at a nursing home (aka Professional Evil Ogre Who's Accused Daily of Robbing the Elderly)

C) Professional pet sitter (babysitting pets, not sitting on them)

D) Hostess at Grindstone Charlie's

#8 Jen from People I Want To Punch In The Throat

A) Legal analyst at a Big Tobacco company

B) One of the whale trainers at Sea World

C) Full service gas station attendant (she hated washing the windows with that squeegee!)

D) Drove the zamboni at a local ice skating rink (still does this for extra cash during the winter)

Answer Key:
All of the answers are A! So crazy, right?

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