Finding the Funny...on my road trip to Florida

As you may have read on Friday, I set out for Florida with my parents and grandmother for my dear uncle's funeral on Saturday morning at 3 a.m.  We got back home last night.  I suppose it is fitting that I return to the blogosphere on the "Finding the Funny" link-up day.  Finding the humor in life is absolutely essential to getting through every day.  The picture slideshow of my uncle at his memorial service included pictures of him smiling and laughing, which was comforting to us all.  During the very sad days over the weekend, I saw my aunt, the one who lost her best friend and husband, smile and laugh.  There were tears.  Lots of tears, but...I saw her smile.  Memories and stories of vibrant days in the past will help her, and those that loved my uncle, get through the sad days ahead.  But, in the spirit of "finding the funny", in the spirit of finding happiness in the midst of pain, I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures from our road trip.  Things that made me smile.

This!  On the way to Florida, we made lots of stops.  When we made a stop in an Alabama gas station and I saw all of these beauties, I smiled.  Someone out there has a huge collection of shot glasses from every state, or bells, or piggy banks...snow globes, mugs.  Thimbles!  Someone has lots of thimbles.  Salt & pepper shakers, too.  But, seriously, you can get all your gift shopping done at truck stops and gas stations in the South. Someone need Skoal? They've got it! Is pork rinds more their thing? They've got that, too! Maybe cigarettes is more up their alley? They're stocked with them!  Perhaps they've been begging for Big League Chew? They've got TONS!

Maybe alligator merchandise is something they'd love?  Actually, all of the alligator merchandise in a Lousiana tourist shop first made me recoil and then smile.  I guess I'm not  surprised so many of those alligator tooth necklaces are decorated with the Confederate flag.  The lady working there pointed out a small alligator head for sale and said someone once bought it to stick in the toilet as a prank on his wife.  Nice, right?? 

I know it's hard to see, but those are "swamp seeds" that are also from Lousiana.  My husband likes to watch "Swamp People" sometimes and these are what they supposedly eat.  These are sunflower seeds boiled in cajun seasoning.  Mmm?

"Sometimes we go huntin', sometimes we go fishin' and sometimes....we just drive around" is my brother-in-law's favorite line from the series. Source

This was my view for about 30+ hours in the car this weekend.  We shared a lot of laughs during our trip. We ate at Cracker Barrel twice. One of my tweets from the weekend: "Me to my Dad: You need an iPad. Dad: An eyepatch?"

And, of course, all of the Florida scenery made me smile...
Baby beach birds.

Jacksonville Beach at the Atlantic Ocean.

On our way out of Florida, I begged my parents to stop at the beach in Pensacola.  The water there is crystal blue.  I stood in it for about 10 minutes before we got back on the road.  It was quiet.  It was beautiful.  The weather was cool.  It was how I imagined life might be like in heaven.


 By far, the time spent with my mom, dad (above), grandmother, Aunt, cousins and family friends was definitely the best part of the whole trip.   Between sad hugs, we shared smiles, old stories and laughter.  I didn't take many pictures of all of them and am not sure they'd like their pictures on my blog anyway.  I know my dad doesn't mind.  He's all about finding the funny.  (And eyepatches.)


Link up something new or something you wrote a long time ago below and make us all laugh!  Anna and I love reading all of the stories you post.  Thanks to those that come back week after week to share and thanks to the new faces, too!  Most put the name of their post instead of the name of their blog when they link up.  Also, if you talk about it on Twitter, please use the hashtag #findingthefunny.  :)

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