A chart: "Are you spending too much time on-line??"

Hello, my friends.  I'm only here for a minute.  I'm here long enough to share my chart on NickMom this week with you titled "Are You Spending Too Much Time On-Line?" (go HERE)...


to share a transcript from a disgruntled Jimmy Dean customer named Randy Taylor.  It is probably something you have heard before, unless you are way behind the times like me and just heard about it last week. 

"Randy Taylor, I don’t know where you people come from, I don’t know if you test your products, your quality products, the products are very delicious. I loved your sausage for 30 something years. And I can’t feed a family of five on a little 12 ounce roll of sausage. I don’t mind paying you more money for your 16 ounce roll of sausage but you don’t have it anymore. You got a 12 ounce roll and you got 3 men that weigh over 200 pounds apiece, a woman that’s a little plump scotch girl and a daughter whose 13 and you’re going to try to take a 12 ounce roll of sausage and a couple of dozen eggs and feed that, it ain’t gonna work. And I’m not going to purchase your product anymore or ever again. And as far as the 16 ounce maple sage, I don’t eat that. I’m not from the north, I’m a Texan man. Jimmy Dean sausage is for southern people to eat with their breakfast; with their fried eggs and their T-Bone steaks. And I can’t feed…12 ounce package to feed 4 or 5 or 6 people. And I’m not going to buy 2 of those 12 ounce packages just because you want to down size and charge the same ******* price. I’d sure like a reply and I’d sure like you to go back to your 16 ounce package in your regular sausage cause I’m not going to buy it otherwise ever again. I’ll just have my own damn sausage made like I used to 30 something years ago. It’s not as tasty as yours is but it will work. Good bye. How is a little 12 ounce ******* roll of sausage supposed to feed your brother and me and you 600 pounds of men at least…get my point? And the two girls and put it in the ********** little sausage…son of a ******. Somebody needs their *** kicked. Some little consumer geek ****** this **** up. Save money…yeah save money, save money, **** I’m gonna eat ******* it."

Totally cracks me up.

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