Finding the Funny #7: Childbirth doesn't hurt, right??

 Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook or Twitter yesterday, but I have a graph up at NickMom this week called the "Giving Birth Pain Scale" that I would love for you to check out!  Because I got into some technical conversations about it on my personal Facebook page yesterday, know that a) the scale is not saying childbirth is the most painful thing you can ever experience and b) the scale is a 1-5 pain scale, not 1-10. It is a condensed, mini-pain scale.  Yes, there are far worse painful things you can experience other than childbirth, such as:
-Hugging an eel.
-Using a porcupine as a pillow.
-Fighting a T-rex over a container of chicken nuggets.
-Drinking a smoothie with strawberries, bananas and crushed glass.
-Trying to keep a ravenous lion away from slab of wildebeest.
-Filing your nails with a sawshark.
-Giving an angry mother Grizzly a high-five.
For some people, childbirth wasn't painful at all.  In fact, some find it so delightful that they may even prefer it over an afternoon of enjoying ice cream cones and walking through the zoo.  Also, some have never been able to experience childbirth and THAT is painful alone.  The graph was supposed to be lighthearted, so please don't take it too seriously!  The fact that I would develop a tongue-in-cheek painscale is not surprising, since I have a history of being a really, really big wuss:

-When I was four, I ran out of the hospital room just before I was supposed to get stitches in my eyebrow because I was afraid of the needle. 

-If I got a splinter in my finger as a child, I acted like my hand was about to be ripped off by an insane lumberjack.

-As a little girl, my dentist asked my mom to take me elsewhere because I cried too much when it came cavity-filling time.

-Around the age of 8 or 9, I literally got under a table at the doctor's office to hide from the nurse because I didn't want a shot.

-I'd practically give myself ulcers worrying about my mom or dad having to pull one of my loose teeth.

As an adult, I'm a bit better about dealing with physical pain.  Thankfully, besides childbirth (I heart you, Epidural!) and that time I stepped on a Lego, I haven't really had to deal with anything significant.  Yet.

(For those that have had to endure REAL pain or do so on a daily basis, I'm not trying to minimize what you went through or are going through.  I admire your strength!)


And now...

Finding the Funny

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