Whitney Houston: The soundtrack of my life


Okay, I'm getting a little dramatic there, I know, but...it's kind of true.  I loved Whitney Houston.  From elementary school until I got married, I can think of a Whitney Houston song that meant something to me.  It is likely that many of you can do the same, especially those of you who were children of the '80s.  Last night when my husband and I were eating with my sister and her husband at a Mexican restaurant, I had gotten up to go wash my hands.  While I was away from the table, I got an alert on my phone that Whitney Houston had died at 48.  It shocked me, like it shocked so many.  I feel like a part of my childhood died or something.  I felt this way when Michael Jackson died, too.  After reading the text message about her untimely passing, I came back to the table to break the news to them.  It is ironic that I learned of her death while out with my sister, because when I think of Whitney, I always think of her.  Losing Whitney Houston makes me sad. I have been playing her music all day.  It reminds me of so much.

1986: The Greatest Love of All

The year this song was released, my family and I went to Dollywood in Tennessee.  When my sister and I saw the "recording studio" there, we BEGGED our parents to let us sing that song.  It was our very, very favorite.  I found the tape today and uploaded the very, very end of the song. You will quickly realize that I was hogging the microphone because I believed I sounded like Whitney herself.  I was 11 years old.  (My feelings won't be hurt if you laugh at me. I don't really see what else you will be able to do.  I'm even laughing at myself at the end.)

1987: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

When our friends would come over, we would always have a "dance contest", which involved pushing the coffee table out of the way and opening up the living room to get our groove on.  I was infatuated with her hair in that video. In an effort to get the most votes, someone always chose this song.  Everybody loved Whitney. 

1992: I Will Always Love You

This song reminds me of high school.  There is a very specific memory I have of it that I won't elaborate on in this blog, since, ahem, people read it.  But, it reminds of a sweet moment.  Her voice was pure.

1995: Waiting to Exhale

This soundtrack is in my car right now.  When the news broke, I dug out my old CD box in my closet and found it.  By this time, I was already in my second year of college.  Whitney's songs on this album, and songs by others, including my favorite one on the soundtrack, "Not Gon' Cry" by Mary J. Blige, remind me of early college relationships.  I felt tough singing along to those songs. 

1999: You Were Loved
(The Preacher's Wife)


The song "You Were Loved" came out in 1996, but it meant the most to me in November 1999.  It was the song that was playing in the background of our wedding slideshow.  I hope this is a song that made her feel special in her life, especially during her darkest, darkest moments.  I hope she listened to the words herself.  Judging from this picture of her with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and the response of millions everywhere, there is no doubt that Whitney Houston was loved.

What good memories do you have of Whitney Houston?