The (5-second) Chuck E. Cheese Quiz

If the subject of the kids' pizza restaurant "Chuck E. Cheese" comes up, lots of opinions start flying around.  Some can't stand the place and some tolerate it because they're children love it.  My main complaint is that none of them ever have Ms. Pac-Man.  Many, many, many children love this mini-casino, complete with a constantly smiling rodent, music, lights, pizza, salad, glow-in-the-dark hand stamps and coins for gambling on the Skee Ball machines, though.  Whether you like it or not, you have probably said the name of the place a time or two.  Or three. Or eight-hundred. That's what this post is about.  How you say it.  How YOU say "Chuck E. Cheese".  My husband and I say it differently.  I always ask him to say it again after he's said it once and then I ask, "Why do you say it like that?" and then he asks, "Why do YOU say it like THAT?"  and then I ask, "Why do you say it like that?" and then he asks...

Forget it.

Let's get on to how you say it. 

(REALLY emphasize the orange!  Say it loud!  Exaggerate!  Put some power behind it!)

number one
CHUCK e. cheese

number two
chuck E. cheese


(I guarantee you a child has left a puddle in that yellow car hanging from the roof.)

number three
Chucky Cheese

Okay, this isn't really a way to say it, but I saw someone spell it like this the other day.   If we are counting this one as a way to say it, it would probably be like #1.  So #1 and #3 are essentially the same answer, it's just this one is spelled "Chucky".  IT'S NOT SPELLED "CHUCKY"!!  When I saw that he wrote it like that, I wondered for a long time how I could bring myself to talk to him again.  Still haven't decided if I will...  Anyway, back to the quiz, I contemplated putting a picture of Chuckie, the terrifying boy doll, up to represent this answer.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Ahhhhh!!  If you think about it, though, I guess Chuck and Chuckie have some things in common.  The plastic face.  Also, the consecutive letters C-H-U-C-K.  Ummmm... Both have bad teeth?  And both make babies cry.

number four
Chuck E. Cheese's

(Look!  There is an 's at the end!  Who knew??)

So, which number are you? 

(What I'm really anxious to know is if you say the 's at the end of Cheese.  Do you SAY that?  Do you say, "Hey, kids, get in the car.  We are going to Chuck E. Cheese's again for a birthday party"? You say that?  I so admire you.  You don't let an apostrophe slip past you!)