Finding The Funny: Pictures & Stories That Will Make You Laugh or Your Money Back!

(I know.  I don't have any of your money. I just like the way that it sounded in the title.)

If you are my sister or husband or some other unfortunate soul who happens to have a number of yours saved into my phone, you might have received one these six pictures recently via text message.  Since most of you are lucky enough not to have passed on your cell phone number to me, I thought I'd share these pictures I have taken recently with you here in the Break Room.  What better day to do it than on the day we are trying to "Find the Funny", youknowwhati'msayin?

My 3-year-old son packed his lunch the other day for "Mother's Day Out", which included no fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese or bread, just lots of yogurt, cookies and a container of chocolate pudding.

One morning, my 3-year-old got a hold of my iPhone and sent this text message to my boss.  The funny thing is, he actually unknowingly typed out a language that is actually spoken in some regions of Panama.

Actually, this isn't funny.  This is GROSS!  My sister and I (and my friend, "PJ"), are absolutely disgusted by weird patterns in nature. This is my sister's patio table.  There were actually TONS more leaves stuck in those holes a few days before this was taken, which. is. sick.

I just had to share this with all of you Lucky Charms-lovers out there.  It is basically NOTHING BUT LUCKY CHARMS-LIKE MARSHMALLOWS!!!  My sister bought this for us for Christmas. Maybe with these around, my oldest son will stop locking himself in the bathroom with a box of the cereal!

I have a feeling after this job, they're going to fire my 3-year-old as their sign painter.
I wish he would've done a better job.  We could've used the extra cash.

My boys (3 & 7) cracked a bunch of pistachios, stuck them in a bag and were going around
asking "80,000 DULRS FOUR IT", which is really such a good deal.  They're cracked already, after all!

That's it for the pictures.  Let's get to Finding the Funny!

Finding the Funny

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If you have a post you have written recently or a long time ago that is light-hearted and humorous/funny/hilarious/amusing, we would LOVE to read it!  Just link it below!  Before you scoot out, though, do yourself a favor and read a few of the other posts.  They have ABSOLUTELY been making my day every time I read them.  I can't wait to read the entries this week!

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