The ABC's of a Thankful Blogger Mom

Last month, I decided to host a guest poster monthly.  Thought it might be nice to have a new janitor around here once a month to put some new reading material on the Break Room table, re-stock the Cokes and dust that orange chair up in the top right-hand corner.  April Nolen from That Nolen Chick kicked it off by putting on the janitor suit last month and writing "If I Met Me on the Street".  This month, actually today, Stephanie from Southern MOMentum is putting on the super-cute janitor's outfit.  Yay!  I really enjoy Stephanie's writing.  She is a funny lady that writes a fun and creative humor blog meant to inspire "moms to hit their stride".  She is the main writer of the Southern MOMentum, but has several regular guest writers, including me, that all have different unique Barbie dolls to represent their personalities.  My Barbie, for example, is in prison. Another fun thing she does is host a "Mom Prom" in her home state of North Carolina.  I love that! You would be doing yourself a favor if you followed her blog, liked her on Facebook and followed her on Twitter!  You'll agree with me, I'm sure, once you read through her funny ABC's.  Made me laugh!


The ABC’s of a Thankful Blogger Mom

I’m Thankful For:

A Good, Controversial Subject or Hollywood scandal to rock the world of mommy blogging.

Blog Envy. Nothin’ like a good case of blog jealousy to “up the ante” on my writing skills.

Comment Spam. Without it, I would have never known that “rats are good pets” or “you can earn $1,374,659 in 3 months from your home computer”. Thanks Saif Alyamany.

Dedicated Followers. Thank you. To all 3 of you.

Every. Single. Crack. Laced. Comment. (Get it? Comments are like crack? Er, um, not that I would know.)

Fashion Blogs. How else was I supposed to know banana clips are out?

Google Spell Check. Without it, my chances of posting about Hors d’oeuvres or smörgåsbord are shot.

Hormones. Without them, sappy, tear-jerker posts would not exist.

Ideas. Especially the ones that come to me at 2 am or in rush-hour traffic as I feverishly dig for a pen amongst the crushed cheerios and goldfish on the floor of my van.

Just the right amount of time to whip up the 3 dozen cookies (I forgot about) for the 1st grade party and still have time to write tomorrow’s post.

Ke$ha, Disney and Barfing Cats. You wouldn’t believe the mileage I get out of these 3 subjects.

L.A. for producing people like Snookie and the Kardashians. Another unlimited resource of blogging opportunities.

My offspring. Without the two of them, I wouldn’t have the golden ticket to enter the mommy blogosphere.

Nickelodeon. For being my 24/7, on-call babysitter.

Online friends whom I’ve never met in the real world — but feel like I have known forever. You know who you are. *fistpump

Priorities. To know when to step away from the laptop & play Pretty, Pretty Princess.

Quiet, guilt-free time with my favorite coffee-snorting blogs.

Realistic, Anti-Supermom blogs who keep it real by reminding me that, they too, have forgotten to put the toothfairy money under the pillow (more than once).

Social Services. For NOT reading my blog. Thank you. Really.

The S.I.T.S. Girls (and, of course the Blog Entourage) — for giving us all our well-deserved day in the sun!

Unsubscribers. *cue scary witch voice followed by evil laugh*  Yes. I am thankful for you, my little pretties ... I know who you are Miss

Vino. For boosting my creativity levels after bedtime.

Wordpress. For giving me a place to profess my love for Ryan Reynolds.

X-Rated Lyrics provided by some of our lovely entertainers. May they, too, have children of their own who learn to spend their Friday Nights streaking in the park and skinny dipping in the dark.

YouTube. For providing a platform to discover amazing talent to blog about — talent like Anita Renfroe, Justin Beiber (yes, Beiber) and the adorable 7-year-old who sounds like Nicki Minaj.

Zhu Zhu Pet Aisle. For keeping my children entertained while I “gain momentum” (aka steal ideas) in the Shoebox greeting card section of Hallmark for future blog posts.

***If you are ever interested in being the janitor here, let me know!***