You know you spend too much time on the computer when...

*you look for a way to make a comment after reading an article in a real magazine or book.

*the only way your kids can get your attention is by calling you by your Twitter handle. "@kelleysbreakroom, can I have some apple juice?!?"

*the books on your nightstand cry themselves to sleep each night and practice ways to revolt against you during the day.  They also plan to take out your laptop, desktop, iPhone and Blackberry as soon as possible when they can find a plastic surgeon to give them hands and feet.

The books on my actual nightstand.  All of my books did not join in for this picture.  More are sitting on my nightstand behind these picture hogs.  More.  And they're really, REALLY ANGRY.

*you Skype to speak to someone upstairs.

*you say "FACEBOOK!!!" instead of "cheese" when taking pictures.

*everything that happens in life is turned into a tweet or a Facebook status update, including the delicious and unbelievable cereal recipe you made for breakfast (ingredients: cereal, milk). ("It's SO EASY to make, y'all!)

*the 1-800-GOT-JUNK truck from Hoarders shows up because you don't have time to clean up your house anymore- you've got blogs to read!

That CD had "Every Little Step", "My Prerogative" AND "Don't Be Cruel"!!!  Why did he have take it??  I've learned my lesson!!  I'll clean! COME BACK!

*you eat dinner while typing and can practically piece together a whole pizza (and an oatmeal creme pie) from the crumbs left under the &, R, =, @, g, /, [ and ; keys (plus some others).

*you use a laptop as your pillow.

*you carry your iPhone or iPad around with you like an oxygen tank.  Related: when a fire breaks out, you look for one of those before a family member or your Bobby Brown CD.



If your computer use is under control and you still spend time with your family, consider taking them to the Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center for some ice skating!  It was 107 degrees in Houston yesterday.  Ice skating would be a great way to cool off!  The deal today is for 4 people to skate for $20 (regular price for 4 is $40) for 2-hours (also includes skate rental).  Go HERE to get your deal!