Can I give you a free iPad 2? (Not joking here, people.)

On August 13th, I prematurely launched the iPad 2 giveaway sponsored by Vonage's "Time To Call" app and then stopped it less than a day later.  I was so excited about the whole deal that I had mistakenly jumped the gun on the contest.  My official contest period is today, August 24th, through Sunday, August 28th.  Many of you have already entered this giveaway and I want you to know that you do not have to do anything of the things over that you have already done (BUT I have added one additional way of entering the giveaway, which you will see at the bottom of the post.)  There were 207 entries on the last post, so they will be given comment numbers 1-207.  The first comment on THIS post will be 208, the next one 209 and so on.  There will be ONE winner of an iPad 2 (which starts at $499.00) and an iTunes gift card.  Sweet deal, right?

All of this is possible, of course, due to Vonage and their new "Time To Call" app.  Here are a few facts about it:
* Pay per call and talk for up to 15 minutes to 100 countries for $1.99 or less (excluding applicable taxes)

* For an additional 90+ countries, talk up to 15-minutes for $2.99 to $9.99 (excluding applicable taxes)

* Bill directly to your iTunes account

* Works on Wi-Fi® worldwide

* Also for use on high quality 3G networks in the U.S. and Canada

* For a limited time, unused minutes can be used for additional calls

* No need to be a Vonage home customer, no hidden fees or monthly commitment.
I found GREAT joy in looking up different countries to call after easily downloading this free app recently on my iPhone.  I was so thrilled to discover that it was only $1.99 to call Bhutan, $5.99 to call Burkina Faso, $9.99 to call Djibouti, $7.99 to call Eritrea, $2.99 to call the Faroe Islands, $4.99 to call Lesotho...  Hey, where are you going?  Are you upset that there is no calling plan for Isle of Man?  Hey, I bet they're working on it!  I would love, love, love to keep going on these countries, because it is just so stinkin' fun ($6.99 to call Mauritania, but no calling plans for Mayotte!!!), but I see you looking at your watch.

To enter the contest, you have to leave a separate comment on this blog post for each entry.  The comments are like raffle tickets, so there has to be separate comments for each way that you can enter the contest. 

Entry #1: Download the "Time To Call" app, if you have an iPhone, iTunes account or an iPad now.  This is an additional way to enter that was not mentioned in the August 13th post.

Entry #2: Follow "Kelley's Break Room"on Google Friend Connect (click on the Google Friend Connect box in the sidebar on the right).

Entry #3: Like "Kelley's Break Room" on Facebook AND leave a comment on my blog's FB page saying who you would call out of the country using the "Time To Call" app.

Entry #4: Tweet about this giveaway using @kelleysbreakrm AND the hashtag #timetocall in it.

The winner will be announced next week!
(Good luck!  I hope you win!)

Fineprint: ***If you want to increase your chances of winning, Vonage is giving away 74 MORE iPad 2s on different blogs. You can find links to THOSE blogs by clicking HERE.  This will obviously increase your chances of winning an iPad2.*** If you win a prize in one of the websites’ contests, then you can’t win again in the whole competition. Depending on where the winners live they may receive the Apple iPad 2 32 GB WiFi, or the equivalent Apple Gift Card to use at an Apple retailer.