The Truth Behind Blogger Comments

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Moving on...  I am excited to introduce to you all Brian & Brandon from A Beer for the Shower.  Their comics always make me laugh, so I asked them to guest post over here.  You'll see I censored them once, but they know about it.  Don't get all upset!  If you are offended by anything in this post, please know I have nothing but love for matter what you look like or how your comments sound.  I love each and every comment I receive here in the Break Room.  There should be no pressure here!  When you are done reading, click over, check out their site and consider following the funny dudes!

We've gotten a lot of things here at A Beer for the Shower. Compliments. Disagreements. Spam. Marriage proposals. Even some hate. The one thing that unifies these all is that they came from comments--comments left behind by readers like you.

We've also spent some time thinking about these comments, and wanted to share our perceptions of how we think comments REALLY work around here.
First off, who you are matters. Think I'm kidding? Let's look at a scenario where 4 different people all tell the same joke, and how they're reacted to.

There's Timid Timmy. He's an older gentleman, and he's not quite sure if he's funny, so his delivery is soft.

Then there's the bloggers like me. Younger, easier to relate to. I'm right at SuperBro's demographic.

But suddenly, when a blonde girl with big boobs says the same thing (and yes, she always blogs in her sports bra and short shorts, as evident by her main picture, which is a closeup of her cleavage)...

Amazing how that works. But what if she looks like this?

Poor BloggerBetty.

Next, there's the anonymous hate comment. This is usually from someone with absolutely no sense of humor, who doesn't understand the intention of jokes. Let's start with a joke that gets some positive reception...

But what if SuperBro has a stick up his backside and decides this joke really, really offends him?

Also, if you're wondering, for all that hard work Anonymous put into his scathing rebuttal, this is generally how I react when we get one:

Seriously. Watch this. It'll change your life.

Like Bryan pointed out, commenting can be brutal sometimes, but not without reason. We, for example, always try to reply to every comment we receive in turn. And given our lengthy comment list for every post, that usually means a lot of reading. Therefore, when we receive the following thoughtless, grammatically remedial, donkey-speak for a comment, chances are good that Pubert Q. Dillweed will not be earning himself a thorough courtesy read and/or reply.

For the most part, though, we’ve got awesome (make note of the fancy correctness of the spelling of awesome) commenters, and we have fun getting to know newcomers. Just try not to drink too much turpentine before leaving a comment, and we’ll be the best of e-friends.

Cheers and stay classy, friends,
-Bryan and Brandon

Beer: Fat Tire
Music: The Byrds

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