The Gay Awareness Meeting I Didn't Want To Attend (or reason #56,387 I need hearing aids)

I won't bore you with the details.  Just know that I worked at an elementary school that had lots of meetings and workshops and workshops and meetings (like anywhere else) for one semester before graduate school.

Guy on the left ran out of No Doz at his little meeting.

One afternoon a girl I worked with approached me, "So, Kelley, did you hear about that district-wide Gay Awareness meeting we are supposed to go to next week?"

Apparently, I thought I was Miss Too-Important-For-Meetings given that I had graduated just weeks before.  Weeks.  "There is another meeting?  What is it about ?  Gay awareness?  There is really a whole afternoon dedicated to helping us be more aware?  I have so much paperwork to do.  You think they would notice if I skipped out?" 

She thought so.

There were several more conversations of this nature for the week leading up to the meeting with different people at the copier, vending machine, hallway and while spraying graffiti all along the back of the building after school one day.

As I finally settled into my chair in the large room to be made more aware, I saw baggy tan Dickies and blue jeans go across the stage with kids dressed in red and blue bandanas and some in black leather jackets, kind of like Michael Jackson and his friends below. 

The moderater then said, "Thank you all for coming here today for the GANG AWARENESS meeting..."

Still miss this dude.

Gang Awareness.


Not that I would have had time for that meeting either.  You know, because I  was so (not) important.

I needed hearing aids then (and I need them now).  For real. 

Your hearing is perfect, isn't it? 
You don't mistakes like this one, do you?  *sigh*


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