Men Who Cross Their Legs: Are They Telling Us Something?

Ladies usually cross their legs with one leg draped over the other.

Like Ms. Pippa-Show-Off-Middleton here.
Females sometimes rest an ankle on top of the opposite thigh while sitting in a chair, like the redhead below, but, in my opinion, this is more often observed with males. 
Is there anything different between males that sit like this...

and males that sit like those below?  Is it more common to see the draped look with...

Political types like, ahem, Mr. Weiner here,

artsy types like Mr. Paquito D'Rivera

or suave types that sit in very large wicker chairs?

 I know what you're thinking.

Who cares?

Me. I care about trivial things that have no lasting impact on anything or anyone. It really is unfortunate and I realize that.

Does the way a male chooses to cross his legs say anything about that male?  Is he sending out a nonverbal message of some sort?  Is he subconsciously saying he is a confident and successful male and that crossing his legs in the traditional womanly way does not take away from his manhood in the least?  That he can crush you with his pinky if he wanted?

"So, uh, why do you cross your legs like that President Obama? Can I call you "O"? Heh, heh, heh. Do you think you are a Barackstar or something? Heh, heh, heh. OH, by the way, before I forget, can you get me some iced tea? We like iced cold tea down in Texas with lemon and lots of sugar. I am parched. We'll get back to what you were talking 'bout, but, first, can you answer that question?  Do you think you're better than me or something?"

"W, could you focus? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are talking about how I attained what yoooooou nevercould: Osama's death. Remember? And, no, you cannot have iced tea right now. IIIIIIIIII don'twanttgetup. I am just too comfortable sitting with one leg draped over the other.  Also, my staff doesn't want to be bothered with your constant tea requests.  Furthermore, you cannot call me "O". That is asinine.  IIIIIIIIf you donotfocus, IIIIII will take that flower arrangement on the coffee table aaaaaaand dump it onyourhead.  Thiiiiiis is something I am preparedto do aaaaaaand very tempted to do aswell."

What do you think?

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