Loving Luby's

Many times over the past year, I have written parodies of that REALLY BIG BEER COMPANY's (I was instructed by them NOT to use their name) famous line of commercials that honor "Real Men of Genius", except I honor women.  If you click on the "Today, We Salute You..." tab in the navigation bar, you can see all of the women I have saluted so far.  It is time to salute a new one! 

One of my most popular song parodies was the one that honored the ladies that work at Luby's Cafeteria, a popular cafeteria chain down here in Texas.  I am sure that there are similar cafeterias all over the country (but surely not NEARLY as good!).  We all know about cafeteria ladies!

Go HERE to read my song honoring Ms. Luby's Cafeteria Worker & Food Scooper.

Somehow this song came across the desk of a regional manager of Luby's.  She contacted me to say that it made her laugh!  It made my day!  She offered to send me a gift certificate and one of their cookbooks.  I was SO excited the day that I received those gifts from them!  To show my gratitude and to try out the recipes, too, I did a series of "Lovin' Luby's" posts where I made some of their recipes to share on this blog.  Below are links to the recipes for anyone that is interested in really, really good food!


(Life will be back to normal around here tomorrow...)