Where do you keep YOUR plunger?

Welcome to a debate.

A debate between my husband and me.
A debate I need you to settle.

About the plunger.

We go through a discussion about the plunger's home on a regular basis.

His view: have it handy. 

Chris says he doesn't necessarily want it right beside the toilet, but
I don't think he'd argue with me if he saw it sitting there smiling.

 "What if guests come over, Kelley?  Are they going to have to stick their head outside of the restroom with their pants around their ankles to say, 'HEY, KELLEY & CHRIS, IT SEEMS I HAVE TOTALLY WRECKED YOUR TOILET.  I AM GOING TO NEED YOUR PLUNGER TO UNDO THE HORRID THING I HAVE DONE IN HERE!  IT IS QUITE POSSIBLE YOU'LL NEED A BRAND NEW ONE EVEN!  ANYONE ON THEIR WAY? Anyone?"

I paraphrased my husband a bit.

If there were special plunger washers situated next to the dishwasher
or washing machine, perhaps Ol' Plungey could live here.

ACTUALLY, I am working on a couple of projects that would make me consider keeping The Plunge near the toilet.  Take a look and let me know if you'd like one of these beautiful bathroom fixtures (toilet paper holder made to match):

Supplies are going FAST, so order yours today!!!!

My view until my projects are finished: BANISH IT!!!!
(said like a mean, hairy, grumpy, deep-voiced queen)

Can anyone finish that song?  Extra credit points!

Am I the only one that is so very, very cruel to this extra family member?

Where do you keep YOUR plunger?