Captcha Balderdash WINNERS

Thanks to EVERYONE who played Captcha Balderdash this month!  I seriously laughed out loud at each definition.  I love, love, love to read the creative meanings you give to the craziest words.  Based on those who voted, there was a tie!  The winners from this month's round of Captcha Balderdash were...
with "pappesse"


with "ductagg".

Thanks to Fragrant Liar, we now know that "Pappesse" is the word given to "a granddaddy who went tranny" is now wearing a "Courtney Love frock".  Thanks, Fragrant Liar, for teaching us this new word that surely will hit the American lexicon in no time at all.  Friends out there, do you have a Pappesse or do you have a PawPaw, Gumpy, Papa, PawPaw or PawPaw?  I tell you what, someone out there has a pappesse right now and is not calling him Pappesse because they haven't been able think of a good name for their newly TRANSformed grandfather.  Before Fragrant Liar came along, the only thing they could think to call him was Tranpa.  Thanks, FL!!

The blog "Fragrant Liar" is a humor blog written out of Austin, Texas and is described as "Home of the Reluctant Midlifer" where she rants, raves, reflects and "ROFLMAO".  She also states that her readers are free to do the same.  "Let's be clear: I am irreverent, and I like me that way. Grab a libation, kick back, and share your thoughts -- and don't lie, cuz I'll know."  She was recently listed as one of Amazon Kindle's Top-Rated 100 Humor Blogs list.  You will definitely want to hang out over at her place, if you don't already!  Click HERE to go there.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd..........thanks to Monkey Man, we now know that a "ductagg" is "when the duct tape on a car starts to come loose and wave in the breeze as you drive down the road."  He told us about Bob and his ductagg that was a result of Bob's unraveling repair job on his car.  So, now when you see flippity-flappity duct tape all over the bumper of a car, or perhaps hanging from a car window, you won't have to say, "HEY, KIDS!!  LOOK AT THAT DUCT TAPE THINGMAFARKLEMAJINGALOONIE".  You will be able to quickly and efficiently refer to it as a "ductagg" all because of Monkey Man's brilliant mind.  Monkey Man, will we ever be able to repay you??

Monkey Man has been a loyal reader of my silly blog for a while now and I am so grateful!  I know I can always count on him for a funny, honest comment.  He writes the blog "Monkey Man: Lost Somewhere Between Knuckle Draggin' and Upright" and describes himself as a "fifty something family man who has frequently spoken first and thought later - hence the knuckle dragging' aspect of my personality. But I am always looking for ways to improve myself. Sometimes I just need a a bulldozer."  He features the "Sunday 160" on his blog, which is basically like a story or poem that can ONLY include 160 characters, spaces included.  I am always amazed by how much substance and humor he can cram into 160 characters.  You will definitely want to check his blog out!  Click HERE to go there.

***We will play again on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9th & I will only take the FIRST 10 definitions.  With only 10, the votes won't be as spread out and the list will be easier to read.  As soon as I get 10, I will make another post for you to judge them & then the winner will be announced.  The plan is to begin and finish a Captcha Balderdash round in 2 days.  We had 31 really funny definitions this month.  I loved them all, but I realize (and have been told) that is a lot for anyone to read through and appreciate.  Good idea? ***