Captcha Balderdash #8: You know you want to play...

According to my little Captcha Balderdash tab up there that no one, including me, gives a flyin' flippin' fart about, it was time to play that word game again on Wednesday the 9th.  Because I HAD to show you pictures yesterday of Ferret Fawcett & Ferret Bueller  (I promise I'll never mention their names again), I neglected to start up another game.  If you don't know what in the bo-bo-skitty-wattin'-tottin'-boom I'm talking about, click HERE.  It WON'T explain my word choice just then (only little ladies of the 80's know that one), but it WILL explain the rules of the game.  Try to keep your definitions PG-13ish, you naughty villains you.

I will keep this post up over the weekend and will post allllll of your great definitions & their authors on Monday.  I hope everyone will play, ESPECIALLY if you've never played before.  On Monday, everyone will vote for their top 2 favorites.  The winner will get a big shout out on my blog, links to their blog (if applicable) here in the Break Room, on my Facebook page and via Twitter soon thereafter.

Sooooooooo, anyway, it is time...

To play.



I mean, what the hay?

"What the hay?" is a really, really, really annoying phrase.  If you say it in my presence, I will crack an egg over your head.  Don't mess with me.  I keep fresh eggs in both palms and behind my right ear at all times.  This decision makes it really difficult to drive, eat, wash my hair, talk on the phone and juggle live chickens, but the effort is worth it not to hear "what the hay?" over and over.
Okay....GAME ON!!!

I'm going to go first.  Here's my Captcha word that I know you won't bother reading because you are too busy wondering what your Captcha word will be:

PHOUSIEW: "Phousiew, I would go ahead and drop that gun, Mister-I'mma-try-to-hold-you-up-in-broad-daylight-at-the-Jiffy-Mart.  Before you can say 'Pepto Bismol should be made into an ice cream flavor' (can I get an Amen?), I will karate chop you in the butt.  Right in the butt.  You will wonder if you sat on a sack of tacks or fell into a river full of piranhas.  That's when I'd say, THAT AIN'T NO PIRANHA, THAT WAS MY DANG FOOT KARATE CHOPPING YOU RIGHT IN THE BUTT!  So, you get one more chance before I put on my karate clothes and start to choppin'.  Phousiew, I'd listen to me real close.  I do not play.  You hear me?" (conversation I overheard between your ex and a thug)