My Husband Is My Master, Apparently

This post is being written on Friday evening because of this...

Conversation I had today with someone else:

"Little dude, which cookie do you want?"

"Dat wuh"

"I'd like a Big Bite M&M Cookie, please."

Where it all went down...

"Just one?"

"Yes, that's it."

"You don't want one?"

"No, I just exercised 30 minutes ago.  I don't want to mess up everything I just did.  No, just one.  Thank you."

"Oh, HAVE A COOKIE!  Cookie good for you".

"Oh, alright.  I'll have a Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie".

"Anyting to drink?"

"Ummm, I'll have a small Diet Coke"
(This is where I remember the study sent to me yesterday regarding the evil of diet drinks and how I am likely to grow a baby's arm from my right ear if I continue to drink them.  I am hesitant to do what I am supposed to do, which is order water or milk, soooo.....)  
"Change that to a small Coke, please".

"Medium Coke for 99 cent?"

"Mommy, I find us a table?"

"No, dude, you're 2.  Oh, alright already.  A medium Coke".

"You get an extra cookie for you mastah?"

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I wah dah wuh, tooooooo!!!"

"No, little dude.  One is enough.  MY MASTER?"

"Yes, you want an extra cookie for him?  He get home so tired.  He work hard.  He would love extra cookie."

Yes, my friends, she described my husband as my master. Please don't tell him. Also, even though her idea was a nice one, I was feeling like I was being held up at the local Stop 'n Rob at this point, so I took our cookies and ran.


Also, I just received a package in the mail this afternoon and, therefore, this is the...
Conversation I want to have today with you:

Back in November, I wrote the song parody "Ms. Luby's-Cafeteria-Food-Worker-and-Food-Scooper".  This was my most shared post on Facebook ever.  It somehow found it's way to the desk of a Marketing Director of Luby's.  She wrote to me to tell me that she loved it.  She sent me a gift certificate and an awesome cookbook to show her appreciation.  I love cooking, cookbooks and I LOVE LUBY'S!  Luby's is a major cafeteria down here in Texas and is really good, in my opinion.  If my readers are interested, I would like to post one of their recipes & my take on it every Saturday.  I would start this a week from tomorrow.  I will continue as usual during the week and would just offer this up on the weekends.

Good idea?  Bad idea?
Honestly, would you even read it?