OUTSOURCED in the Break Room

People who have been OUTSOURCED here:
*The Blog O' Cheese: "How I, Cheeseboy, Was Turned Into a Laughingstock by NBC", 10.4.10
*The Flying Chalupa: The Spousal Stink-Eye or How Genius Is Born, 11.1.10
*The Desperate Housemommy: A Funny Do's and Don'ts for Parent-Teacher Conferences, 11.8.10
*Gonna Kill Him, Down in the Dump, 1.27.11
*This Is Not That Blog, Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pepto-Bismol, 4.25.11
*The LG Report, Interviewing in the Break Room, 7.17.11
*Wendi Aarons, Summer by the numbers, 7.20.11
*A Beer for the Shower, The Truth Behind Blogger Comments, 8.26.11

Places where I've been OUTSOURCED:
*Studio Thirty Plus: Featured Blogger for the Week, Summer 2010
*Laugh Out Loud: The Best of the Sit Down Comedians: "Top 5 Reasons for my Gym Anxiety", 8.3.10
*The Lame Sauce: "What's Lame sauce, anyway?", 8.18.10
*Modern Bird Studios: Weekly Blogger Interview, 8.20.10
*Southern Momentum: "But what if I really AM a superhero?", 8.31.10
*Laugh Out Loud: The Best of the Sit Down Comedians: "Personal Space Invaders", 9.1.10
*Mal-Diction: "Can I get you some UNDERWARE?", 9.7.10
*Laugh Out Loud: The Best of the Sit Down Comedians: "Top 10 Rules of Elevator Etiquette", 9.29.10
*Coming Clean: Spotlight Post as Blogger of the Week, 10.8.10
*Scary Mommy: A Tale of Toilet Paper, 11.4.10
*A Closet Writer: BLOGGING MAVENS SERIES- Developing Creative Content For Your Blog, 11.17.10
*The Meditative Mom: "Is There A Return Policy On Ears?", 11.19.10
*Kludgy Mom: "Yo! A Holiday Rap" (for Thanksgiving), 12.3.10
*Southern Momentum: "Top 10 Things To Do With Fruitcake, Besides Eat It", 12.22.10
*The Scoop On Poop: Best Scoop of the Week- "Who Stuffs Your Stockings?", 12.24.10

*Shame on me. I haven't updated this since 2010. I totally just wrote "Update outsourced page" on my to-do list right under "Dye your graying hair, you old hag".*