Is my husband having an affair??

Chris with his CLEARLY VISIBLE
WEDDING RING on a helicopter ride.

I need you to be my detective.  I heard you were in that business and that news could not have come at a better time.  I'm wondering if my husband, Chris, is having an affair.  After reading this post, I need you to let me know what you think.  Is he or is he?  You tell me.  YOU tell mmmmeeeeeeeeee.

Let's take a walk, shall we?  Let's journey through these last couple of weeks.

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO: My husband tells me that his female "friend" says to him as he got on the bus that morning, "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.  You a police officer, ain'tcha?  I knew you were a police officer when I saw how you were built.  Mmmmmmhmmmm".
Brief background about my husband: He goes to work every day in business clothes, but works for the police department downtown. He graduated from UT-Austin with a degree in finance, worked for a major oil & gas consulting firm in Houston out of college and then changed careers. He is using his skills now in an administrative/managerial role for the section of the crime lab that deals with fingerprints, audiovisual evidence, etc. He will sometimes have police gear with him, like a jacket, gun belt, a donut, etc.

YESTERDAY: We are sharing a car right now and as I drop him off, the female "friend" says to him, "THERE HE IS!  Ask everybody, I've been saying ' he comes.  HERE.  HE. COMES'".  I have a good reason to believe that she was eyeing him like a T-bone steak.

Brief background about our car situation: We've been sharing one for a few months.  Chris believes that you drive a car until it finally yells "I GIVE UP!!!", rolls over and dies.  His last one, a 1998 Nissan Altima with 250,000+ miles, finally did that.  So, now the 2-year-old and I take the 6-year-old to Kindergarten and then take Chris to the bus stop.  I have made this trip in pajama pants without make-up on several occasions.
TODAY: We drive up late to the bus area, my husband rockets out of his seat to tell the little dude goodbye...and then his female friend begins yelling from the bus.  I don't know what she's saying but within seconds she is at the car window.  She wants to see our 2-year-old.
"Oh, yes he is.  He is handsome just like his daddy.  I hesitated to say anything with the wife sitting right there, but hoooooooooooooooo boy, that little boy is a handsome thing.  And his daddy?  Mmmmmm MMMMM, he's a cutie!"
I'm still sitting there.  In my gym clothes.  With no make-up on.  With this lady hitting on my husband AND my two-year-old.

So, you tell me...should I be worried or should I be worried??

Ooops...before you give me your wise advice, let me mention that she is...


Let's just refer to the bus driver as Aretha. 

When my husband got off the bus, she asked him to ask me if she could be our nanny.