Captcha Balderdash #7 HILARIOUS Wrap-Up

There are two things going on in the Break Room today: First, I am guest posting over at The Desperate Housemommy's site today with "The Eggmotional Stages of Toddler Bedtime" (click that really big title to get there). I like it.  I drew on some eggs for it.  Also, you'll want to get over to The Desperate Housemommy's place because Sue is HYSTERICAL!!  Her blog is so well written, creative and just plain funny.  Would I lie to you?  She is a fierce Captcha Balderdash competitor, as well. 
My SECOND POINT, of course, is Captcha Balderdash.  Please take a look at these funny, funny, funny definitions (in the order they were submitted) and vote for your TOP TWO FAVORITES!  The winner will be given a BIG shout out (wassssuppp??????) on my blog, Facebook page and Twitter account on WEDNESDAYI said Monday before, but I have set up a different post for Monday since I won't be active in the blogsophere too much that day.  More on that LATER.  As usual, I laughed out loud OVER AND OVER AND OVER at these definitions.  So glad some of you "long time watchers, first time players" joined in!  I heart you all.  I really do.

#1 RWHAMNES from Shell with ShellThings: The awful stench that permeates the house after my family has consumed a large amount of holiday ham; also known as puke-inducing gas.

#2 FRUTERME from Ali with Last Splash: Spoken in a rare dialect in the swamps of South Carolina, usually by a redneck on the wagon and trying to diet.

"Hey, buddy, can you fruterme?"

"Do what?"

"Pass me that banana, bro. Fruterme."

#3 PITCHENTI from MojoMama: A rare, odorous spice found from the pits of particularly obese Italian sumo wrestlers.

#4 BRIZZL (n; BRIZZ-uhl)  from Sue with The Desperate Housemommy: A self-inflected horrendous trimming of the bangs. "Darlene, girlfriend, I can't meet you at the discotheque tonight after all. I just gave myself the most unsightly brizzl. Text me in two weeks." (*Author's note: Incidentally, I coined this term just this morning, even before knowing that Balderdash was happening today. And NO, you may not view my brizzl.)

#5 DINDI from Cluttered Brain: The sound one makes when you take off your kids smelly socks put them to their nose and say, "Dindi!" (P.U. if you ask me, but that is what you say.)

#6 AUTHIUR from Oilfield Trash (who didn't want to play at first due to my PG-13 "rule".  He was succumbed to my pressure to play anyway): A guy writer who writes book solely in the third person.

#7 LIL'DINKIES from Cheeseboy with The Blog O'Cheese: What the creepy, transvestite soccer mom calls the mini carrot-sticks she brings for the snack.
"Come on over boys! Come get your lil'dinkies and juice!"

#8 COPSDIRTY from Ellie: When your house is so dirty you could be on the TV show Cops. (If you notice they never go into a clean house.)
"Kids pick up this messapalooza cause it is freakin copsdirty!!!

#9 INORONAN from Glen with Glen's Life: Abr. commonly used in an old folk’s home when attempting to encourage your Grandmother to invest in your future, by paying for your book to be printed with a vanity publisher. Her investment will almost certainly be given back threefold in a matter of years. Derived from the phrase, “So are you IN OR Out NAN?” and often followed by “Only I’ve got Simon Cowell on the other line and he says if you don’t want a piece of it, he does”

#10 TUCLE (tuhk'-el) from Monkey Man: The action of making your child giggle when you tuck them in bed at night.
Used in a sentence: "I'm going to tucle you in until you fall asleep from laughter."
The Canadian tucle is slightly different in pronounciation and meaning.

tucle (Canadian): (too'-kle) The act of pulling one's toque snuggly over your head so it won't fall off as you tip your head back to chug a Molson.

#11 REVASED from Mommy Shorts: The act of obsessively rearranging flowers until they look like they are photo ready for Martha Stewart Living. An arrangement can be REVASED once or twice or it can go on for days on end until your peonies are screaming for mercy. Typically behavior only demonstrated by Martha Stewart herself.

#12 DISTE from Kimberly with All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something: When in a super cool room and must maintain your coolisim replace this with diste eg. "Diste cheese ball is da bomb" or "Diste ain't no way to bust a rhyme yo"

Also look under Lil' John Lingo.

#13 ISORTSM from Melissa E. with In The Short Rows: The uncommon pronunciation of the phrase "I sorted them". Often found in obscure and isolated populations in NC or other southern states.

as in...

"Look pappy, I put awl dem buckets n'the shed and "isortsm" by size!"
#14 HOGIERSA from Robyn with Life By Chocolate: The fat kid who knocks over all of his/her soccer teammates upon dashing for the lil dinkies.* See Cheeseboy's definition above.  Note: I couldn't help but cheat by playing off of Cheeseboy's creativity. I think it was worth it. Please forgive me.

#15 CLEAVUMBS from Kristen with Fine, How Are You?: In the same word family as Toe Jam, Belly Button Lint, Boogers, Sand in the eye.  Cleavumbs are when you remove your bra and peices of lunch,cookie crumbs, sweater fuzz, backs to your earrings, bobby pins, etc. come tumbling out.  It is accentuated by ample cleavage.

#16 BULATOW from Logical Libby: Similar to a camel toe, but from the islands, where bula means "hello, look at my crotch."

#17 SUMSA from Kate with And Then Kate: A lazy overeater's request when mouth is full.
Example: "That 20-layer chocolate cake looks really tasty. [chew, chew, another bite] Please pass me sumsa that."
#18 LIESSEST from Yuliya with She Suggests: The biggest liar of them all; also see POLITICIANS and MY EX

#19 REELPO from Yvonne with Writing My Life Away: Someone who is not rich.

#20 LOGCVOGY from Missy at Wonder, Friend: This is an unoriginal secret code word used by a small sect of people. These people travel about the country in innocent looking 1998-2002 model Toyota Camrys, looking for Log Cabin villages that host Log Cabin Covert Orgies. When they see a small sign near the entrance with the oddly spelled, "Logcvogy" on it, they know they've discovered an orgy location.
#21 ENTURUN from Joey at Big Teeth & Clouds: The quick, yet clinched run to the potty a person has to perform when afflicted with the shiiiii.... (I'm keeping it PG-13!)

In a sentence: "I'm enturun before I poop my pants."
#22 SUNEMO from Booyah's Momma: A sushi handroll made with avocado, cucumber, and clownfish.

#23 SCORF from KLZ with Taming Insanity: To laugh and scoff at the same time. A way to laugh at others.
Kristin scrofed when the the baseball player scratched himself with a fork in public.
#24 HAYREGLO from Katie with No Missed Opportunities: The scientific name for the official color of some elderly ladies hair. The shade that is directly between shiny silver and smurfy blue.

#25 UMPTESSON from XLMIC with Taking It On: A lesson learned for the umpteenth time.

Have a great weekend...and Happy Martin Luther King Day!!