Wrinkles & Pomegranates

Well, I sure have missed y'all. Look at ya. Gettin' so big! What are they feeding y'all, huh? We should not let so much time pass between our veesits! Every time I think to blog, Landon spills something. The other thing that gets in my way are the clothes and the dishes and the closet that needs to be cleaned and A&E and cooking and...well, just look at me go, why don't ye? I am so sorry. I sometimes just get carried uh-waaaaaaaaay (the "aaaaaaa" has many pitch changes). If you didn't know already, I was in my "down home" talkin' mode. I love to talk like that. I love to talk in just about any voice that is not my own. I wish that Chris and the boys would just let me talk like that for hours. Hey, now you put that phone down. I don't need anybody with a cute jacket with buckles showin' up at my door, ya hear? I will tan your hide!

Okay, so now that we've gotten re-acquainted, let me ask you...do you think about being old and wrinkled as much as I do? I get teary-eyed just the other day thinking about Landon and Austin being really old. Because I've got such good math skillz, I realized that when they are really old (God willing!), I will be a dusty memory. I hope they are old when I am a dusty memory...because I could be wiped off the face of the earth when I am still young. But, it's a guarantee that when they are in their eighties, I won't be around anymore to give them hugs, to make them laugh, to cook them waffles, to read them stories... They won't have a mother with them anymore. That is why I always pray that my sons will have good marriages, good friends, a good relationship with each other, and, above all, a relationship with Christ. I want their lives to be full of love when Chris & I are no longer around to show it to them. I want their lives to be full of light, laughter, meaningful conversations and tons of unselfish acts. I'm tearing up now. I have got move on now to talking about fruits & vegetables. This is just gettin' too stinkin' depressin'.

Do you ever think about your local HEB's produce section well after you have selected your Caesar salad bag and apples? Don't you know that fruits & vegetables are LIVING creatures, dang it?? They have peelings, I mean feelings, too! That was pretty bad... I am pret-teh sure that when the lights go down, the celery, lettuce, parsley & cilantro all jump out and allow the bananas, apples, potatotes and oranges to take a shower. All day long those bananas & friends are patiently waiting in their shower shoes with their towels & VO5 ready. They keep yelling that they'd like a turn in the shower, for cryin' out loud! The lettuce just flings her leafy hair from side to side flicking water droplets to and fro without a care in the world that others are waiting. The curly-leaf lettuce is especially vain. Someone has got to tell her that perms...are....so....out. The other one that is muttering under his breath is the bok choy. He's jealous of the apples getting all of the attention. The apples think they are sooooo super cool. The apples, oranges & bananas are definitely the popular kids of the bunch. The grapefruit and honeydew melon hang out and wish they'd get invited to be part of the "fruit salad" clique, but instead get invited to sit with the plantain, guava and pomegranate. Okay, the madness will stop here. I could SOOOOO go on with a ton of different scenarios, but you've to go. I saw you fidgeting and looking at your watch.